How To Delete The A/C System ***PICS***

Discussion in '1994 - 1995 Specific Tech' started by davis3, May 30, 2010.

  1. i've been on the fence about doing this for years now. I think this is one of the things that fall under the category of street vs. strip mods. mine doesn't work and hasn't for years now but i just can't get myself to actually get rid of it.
  2. Im going to pull mine out this monday. If anyone needs an AC system PM me Im not going to keep it. My system has been discharged for quite awhile now and I'm cutting weight for the track. Plus it cleans the engine bay up and does not make changing plugs or wires a PITA anymore
  3. Nice work Harvey, I recently pulled mine too. So far I havent regretted it, but the hot months are just coming into play.
  4. thanks.
    its 94* out today,driving around,i just keep a bottle water with me.
    and drive fast to keep the wind blowing:D
  5. You live in Fresno... it's summer.... and you deleted your AC.

    Now you are gonna help Sal do his (probably).

    You guys ain't right. lol
  6. lol,
    i never used it,so it made no difference to me.
    i'll give Sal a hand when we both have time.
    he just moved,so i imagine he wants to get settled in first.
  7. is there a bracket the compressor is bolted to? Should be getting the Mustang back later today so I want to start this project as soon as I get it home.
  8. the power steering,a/c compressor bracket.
    its held to the bracket by the 4 long bolts that go through the side of the compressor
  9. heres a pic of the bracket,out of the car.
  10. Fresno doesn't get too bad, does it? It's supposed to be 112 here today, I need to get my a/c fixed! A little off subject...but how hard is it to polish the a/c and and alternator brackets?
  11. it can get to around 115*.

    as for polishing,i dont have the patience for it.
    that may be a question better answered by The_Mustang.
  12. Everyone keeps talking about how much they need their a/c in the I the only one that would love to have my a/c but if I did have it I couldnt drive my car longer than say.....30 minutes in the summer? Perhaps I'm not that streetable. Anyone else have crazy underhood temps as it is, not to mention hot fuel problems!!!
  13. Excellent writeup! I did this a year ago, and have no regrets. It's been really hot here this summer, but so far I haven't missed the AC at all. Last week, it got up to almost 80!

    Thanks for taking the time to do the writeup. Guys like you make this a great site. Guys like me just rip stuff out, don't take pictures, and sponge off guys like you!
  14. Id like to thank Davis again for making this thread. Finally got my AC taken out today and this thread was a huge help!!!! Thanks!! :nice:

    also does anyone know what size belt I should run? Davis used the 102.5" but I have UD pulleys.


  15. :D Yeah, Iam still in the middle of getting settled in. Then next week I'll be heading to Michigan to visit the in-laws. Then when I get back, it's on! ;)
  16. Had to say Thanks to Travis (Venom351R) didnt see a place for trader feedback, but for pulling out his a/c and selling it to me, fast ship all went well, and a/c system said to weigh 38# with big box guess Ups scale, gonna be good since been 100# for the last week, :(
  17. Great write up Harvey. I just removed my AC compressor (front seal leaking freon) with lines a few days ago and your pics helped tremendously. I'd just add one tip. When you remove the battery, it's better to remove the plastic battery tray as well (just two 5/16" bolts) so you'll have a lot more room to get to the two front compressor mounting bolts. The compressor (with the four mounting bolts) weighs 15lb.

  18. Not a problem. Glad it could go somewhere so it will be used and not sit in a corner in a box in the garage
  19. great write up, really cleaned up my engine bay and in my vert i definately do not need the a/c
  20. I weighed all of the components (compressor 15lb, condenser 7lb, dryer/accumulator 5lb, pipes 6lb) and the total came to 33lb.