How To Delete The A/C System ***PICS***

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  1. Don't forget about the 2.2lbs. of refrigerant.

  2. very nice, I forgot to look on my UPS invoice for the weight when I shipped mine
  3. Mine had all leaked out through the front seal of the compressor so there wasn't any left.
  4. Thank you search..... Removed all my AC stuff today...Having this post was the balls....went to AZ to round up the stuff.... :nice:
  5. Glad we can help!
  6. that will really clean it up Andy. Damn dont I wish I had your lift at my house about now, doing long tubes is a major PITA
  7. Ya mine finally lost its charge so I dumped it...I never use it anyway. I pulled my motor yesterday....took it out LTs & tranny connected....worked sweet.

    Read your post on yours being a mofo...If its drivable you could head down and we could do it up...I'm game...
  8. Not driveable, no rear end in the car and I cant drive it that far w/ no exhaust on it. If we were not so far apart Id get the rear end finished up and then have it towed over but it would be a pretty steep tow bill with the distance we are apart.
  9. I just read your other post....Wow.... what a PITA... fighting you all the way.....:(
  10. yeah it is, this 351 is a blessing and a curse. Throw up some new pics with your AC out. I was happy with how much junk it moved out of the way. Plus we dont really need AC up here anyway
  11. YES!!!! Finally went through with the a/c delete with help from this thread (and my pops). Took us about 1.5 hrs to strip everything and get the compressor lined up and tightened, as it was our first time doing something like this. If you wanna do it, and youre hesitant about it, just get in there and dont look back! Nothing but benefits for me.

    Also if you're running under drive pulleys (i have all 3 pulleys) the delete helps with your battery amperage at idle. For me, it used to dip below the half way point Now its stays consistent at 12+ amps. Thanks DAVIS3 for a sweet write up! Glad theres people out there that dont mind taking a pictures of the process to help noobs like myself.
  12. No problem, glad I can help.

    Funny thing is, I'm about to reinstall mine!
    I'm sure my new little guy will appreciate it.
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  13. Kids happen! lol I still have mine in my car only because I'm fat lol
  14. Dark colored car +No A/C + Kids + Balls sweaty on the way to work= Gotta have A/C. It just out weighs all the cons