How to drag race your classic

Discussion in 'Classic Mustang Specific Tech' started by 10secgoal, Jul 22, 2005.

  1. When I launch, the tire spins 3 times around before i get traction. I might need to foot break the car.
  2. Mess with tire pressures. That may help you. Your running a full slick right? Is the tires grabbing at all, then you blow them off? or are they simply not getting any grip at all when you launch?
  3. Someone point me in direction to get some cheap v6 springs for a 65? Might be good to post a place, as allot of us are looking for them I assume.
  4. You've got the same problem I have. I'll send you a PM.
  5. I'm not. I'm looking for I6 springs. :D
  6. Is there another option other than I6 springs that has a lower stance or is that pretty much the way to go?

    I wonder how much "travel" or lightness you would sacrifice if you cut them down to still have that nice lower front end appearance? Right now I have th 620's cut down a little. Before they were cut down they transfered weight OK but after they have been cut they don't seem to do as well....

    I would imagine the 6 cyl springs would be similar is you cut them. Does Moroso or Eibach (sp?) make a drag coil for our cars?
  7. I messed around with tire pressure, I started at 16psi and moved down to 8-9psi, they are mt drag radials, et streets, the kind with the lines, basicly a slick with a few groves cut into it.
  8. my stall is around 3,800-4,000, I have tried lauching at all difffent rpms, I think i might try to go real low, like a 1,200 stall. At 3,000 rpm, i'm making almost full boost and tourqe. or footbreak the car.
  9. I6 springs. Im sorry. :)
  10. I dont get drag racing, all you do is go straight! Musn't be my thing
  11. Maybe you've never been in a car that carried the wheels so high you couldn't see the ground ahead of you.:D

    Washmo, I have original 6er's in mine and it has a good drag stance. I did here of a company that has started to make them for the SB in our cars. Which confuses me since Moroso only made them for BB, but most of us drive SB.:shrug:
  12. I have been in capable cars, but not actually doing wheelies! Hehe it is pretty cool I guess.
  13. Pic?
  14. Almost done with the motor. :( Still need to get rid of my RPM airgap, and get me a Victor jr. Then it goes in. I'll try to get some pics with the 351 in there now.
  15. I'm going to the track the first time Nov 18th so here is another drag racing noob question. Speed shifting. Do I let off the gas a little when I push in the clutch to change gears, or should I keep it floored while pushing in the clutch quickly hoping not to over rev my engine? Another related question: Does a rev limiter allow me to keep the gas pedal floored while shifting since I can't over rev the engine?
  16. Sorry. Double post.
  17. Shifting is done without lifting gas. As you get better, you won't much of a climb in RPM when you shift. Like 200-300 RPM.THat is kinda what the rev limiter is for. But you don't want to bounce off of it when shifting. IT is there for missed shifts.