How to drag race your classic

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  1. Thanks for the info. Should I try power shifting even though I haven't got a rev limiter or is it too risky for a noob?
  2. If you are not used to powershifting, I wouldn't unless I didn't care if I blew it up. Rev limiters are your friend--especially when using a standard transmission.
  3. I thought so. Can anyone recommend what model MSD ignition box with rev limiter? Also, a line lock?
  4. MSD box with a rev limiter is the MSD 6AL box. Summit racing carries them, along with most other big parts vendors. Thats the one im going with in my car.
    Also, dont speed/powershift without a rev limiter at high rpms, one stuck shift, and your watching your tac peg 6800 rpms...At least i did when I blew my motor..
  5. Hey Muddslide any updates yet? I have avery similar set up to you engine wise and am currently buying parts to set up the rear end. Just wondering how the luanching is working out for you.
  6. I haven't brought it to the track since I made a few changes. I am having a steering issue, so I'm changing my ball joints and Pitman arm. It hooked good on the street over the weekend.
  7. bump to the top for winter work time. can this be made a sticky yet?
  8. My favorite thread on Stangnet.... Let's hear what everybody is doing on the offseason (for those of us in cold climates that have an offseason) to go faster and or improve your car at the strip

    My winter updates;

    Rancho adjustables - Installed
    6 point Cage / Interior - Completed/painted/interior back together
    I6 Springs - Ordered/recieved/still need installed
    90/10 shocks - still contemplating
    4:11 gears - Ordered/recieved (richmond from Summit) not installed yet, need to pull my 3rd member and axles and get it done

    new cage

    View attachment 410161

    new carpet

    View attachment 410163

    View attachment 410165

    seats and simpson 5 point belts are back in too, I have Kirkey low back road race seats, think AC Cobra style.

  9. Washmo66 glad to see your getting the old girl back together...I need to get to working on mine again!
  10. Washmo how did you paint your cage? what type of paint? I'm getting mine put in on sat, and need to paint it after that.

    My offseason mods:
    1. Install built 331 (10.1-1 compression). Done
    2. Paint engine bay. Done
    3. Get 6 point cage installed (Sat.)
    4. Find a built 9 inch rear
    5. Find new tires for the 07 season
    6. Install Summit 3 way adjustables (have, need to install)
    7. Get 6 cyl. springs for the front.
    8. new leaf springs for the rear?
    9. Rear adj. shocks?
    10. Get the car down the 1/4 before summer ends.
  11. Would it be possible to start a new thread to discuss what you are doing to your cars over the winter?

    This is such a good thread with lots of technical info and I believe that it should remain a technical thread with lots of good advice.
  12. Dennis - I figured since we are all talking about winter mods for drag racing it would kind of dovetail into this thread, that way everyone sees what information from this thread people have acted on.

    Bullit - A guy on another board told me about this paint, it is made by rustoleum and it is called hammered. Get the brush on not the rattle can and take my word for it you will be happy. It has a tectured fnish and after two coats it looks fantastic. Comes in a few colors but I chose black, they sell it at lowes - walmart etc.

    Just sand the bars if needed to remove any surface rust or junk, then clean with alchohol and paint, no primer required.
  13. WashMO:

    The interior and roolbar are looking great! I'd like to see another pic when you get the seats in.

    I haven't had much time to work on winter projects for the car but I did put on a set of Rancho rear adjustable shocks.

    I am also looking to get a set of 90/10's for the front. I've got to get this thing to hook before adding more power.
  14. I agree. I'd like it to stay a tech article. Would you mind Washmo ? In 1year, half the thread will be usless to searchers.
  15. Sorry, forgot to log out. Last post was mine.
  16. Not a problem...... I'm out.
  17. Thanx dude. Start a winter thread though. I gots some stuff to share too.:D
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  19. Thanx for the shameless plug in a tech thread. :nice: