How To Get 500+ HP Out Of 4.6?

Discussion in 'SN95 4.6L Mustang Tech' started by mustangman9812, Jul 22, 2006.

  1. Starting with a stock block w/cobra crank, and going to use PI Heads and a Blower what is the easiest way to 500+ hp??
  2. lots of boost
  3. forged internals and a mongoose novi 2000

    it's what i'd use
  4. how about Forged Internals and a vortech.

    How many lb of boost you think??

    14, 15, 16 which one?
  5. 14PSI, full bolton, and blower cams should get you there...novi 2000 hands down if your going centri. And you must intercool it to get those power levels safely. :nice:

    Or you could get a turbo and run 9PSI with full boltons and turbo cams, and you should make it to 500 also.
  6. So i need to sale my vortech? and get a novi 2000?
  7. What type of vortec do you have? The SQ can support up to 600RWHP....
  8. It is the SQ, just checked
  9. I am asking this b/c my goal is 500+ lol

    Well I want at least 500hp out of this build
  10. youre gonna need to go forged and have a great tuner, and a deep wallet. id also ditch the vortech and go turbo'd depending on where you live and if you can get away with it.

    then see what breaks cause youll need to upgrade that too.
  11. Well if not 500+ then at Least 450 LOL
  12. Funny thing just happend called my friend and asked if he wanted my vortech and he said yes and came and gave me the money. So i am going order a Novi 2000!!
  13. Its gonna take $$$$$$$$$$$$. And some more $$$.
  14. Dang that was fast LOL. But you will live the has an AWSOME trac record, and can make over 700RWHP on a 2v if built properly.

    And I think th SC has been pushed to 600 1 time...its not easy to get there and the blower is just maxed out. That novi will have a much louder wistle (so they KNOW you have something) and flows alot more CFM. That means that the blower doesnt have to work as hard and really at a given PSI the novi will make more power as it will be more effectient at that PSI...I have also never heard of any failures.

    IMO you should throw some forged rods and pistons in...the stock GT crank can take over 500RWHP...your forged one you have should be good to closer to 1000HP.
    Its the rods and pistons in these engines. If you crank too many RPMs, the rods usually let go....if you get even a hint of detination then your pistons usually go.

    Tune it to 440RWHP and have it VERY safe and try not to shift at more than 6000RPMs.
  15. Vortech blower with power pipe and a 3.12 pulley. Next go with an intercooler or some kind of water injection. A set of blower cams and a set of valve springs. A good intake manifold like the bullitt intake. Your going to need a fuel system like 60lb injectors and the cobra tank and pumps and a boost a pump or upgrade the cobra pumps to duel focus pumps. Finnally a good exhaust with LT headers, h or x pipe and a cat-back. This will get you to your go with some room to grow.
  16. they say shorty's are better for blowers dont they?
  17. LTs>shorty headers.
  18. Im making over 500 to the wheels forged internals, boost and tune for sure. Click my sig for what I did to get there.
  19. Your car = :drool: :hail2:
  20. definitely like the way this guy thinks...

    you could always just forge your internals, ensure you have enough fuel, get an intercooler and then just increase the boost until you get to 500(you will also need a tuner)