How To Get 500+ HP Out Of 4.6?

Discussion in 'SN95 4.6L Mustang Tech' started by mustangman9812, Jul 22, 2006.

  1. Count me in 2 boys. SAVED OCT. 1, 1995
  2. Ok lets get back to making 500 HP out of a 4.6.. You guys can start a thread in the talk sections about religious beliefs..
  3. You are comparing the P1SC to a novi2k, T-trim and 2.6 KB.. your taking the bottom end procharger and comparing it to upper level chargers of the competion..

    I helped build a 383 LT-4 94 camaro back in the day that had a procharger D-1 on it.. procharger does make a DAMM good supercharger, don't let that few leaky seal problems that have now been fixed scare you away..

    I know many on here like the KB,NOVI and the vortech but consider a procharger they really are a nice unit..
  4. Well the thread starter wants 500HP right? Its funny, I didnt even notice how OT we were getting...i mean not the religious views part (BTW Glad to hear mustangman :flag: ) but everything we have been discussing. We tend to automatically go for the biggest/baddest setups and start talking about what can support 600RWHP. The guy wants 500HP, and bottom line is that any of the currectly offered superchargers and turbo kits can support that...and i meaning RWHP.
    I think alot of dont realize just how much power 500HP is, and honestly 500HP SHOULD satisfy anyone....if that doesnt make you happy, your in for a VERY long and VERY expencive ride LOL.

    So to the thread starter, choose your poison. (all options are with forged motors and are all "capable" of save on my typing..)

    H/C/I with a 200 shot direct port N20 setup (+=TONS of torque, cheap initial investment..... -= Bottle refills, power not available at all times, bottle refills get annoying and pricy)

    H/C with a P1S/C (Questionable reliability, anemic and will need to be PUSHED to get you to your goal)

    blower cam W/ D1 S/C (Great overall blower, comes with an IC, wont have to run the blower as hard as the P1 to get 500RWHP)

    Blower cam with Vortec S trim(fairly cheap yet super reliable, power is always just have to wind the motor up to feel it.)

    KB 2.1 (Amazing street blowers, questionable reliabilty, poor customer service, Tons of instant torque/full boost from 2000RPMs until you decide to shift, makes your 281CI engine feel like a 500CI BB engine, power is noticably increaced in even part throttle....feels like a BB at nearly all times)

    Various turbo kits..if sized correctly (TONS of mid range torque, will keep pulling like a freight train until redline, drives like a stock car until you get into the throttle, will outpower above mentioned systems at lower boost, only gets beat on torque by N20...and thats VERY close, super expensive on adverage, boost is not quite instant at any RPM, slight turbo lag MAY be felt when speed shifting, seem to have random small problems)

    Thats MY opinion on everything....some of you may dissagree, so post up your "beef" with facts and ill change it. I dont claim to know everything, BUT please dont give me opinions as everyone has one.