How to get a title for a junkyard car

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  1. I am gonna inquire about that 65 pickup next week and also about around a 69 Scout...the junkyard guys have no titles for anything its just up there but they might give up some vehicles. The scout me and my buddy kinda want b/c its in its prime for mountain use...beat up body, not too bad rusted though, removable top, drivetrain is in place, he has a 200 I6 from his '65 stang layin around he wants to make use of and its just an awesome little bobtail. So if we were to get this thing(probly could get it for free just to haul it off) what would one need to do to get a title to it.
  2. Well you have a couple options... if you aren't going to restore any of these vehicles.. i.e. use them for parts or just the engine/tranny then you dont really need a title. Just something saying you own the vehicle like a paper that says who you got it from and the date you got it and for how much (you can put 'gift' in this part). But if you are going to restore them or drive them as is, you need to get a bill of sale (that little peice of paper from before) and take it to the dmv and file for lost title. It's not too hard and only takes a few weeks for them to send you a title, and it's all legal so you would have no problems reselling the vehicle. My father has done this a few times and we have run into no problems at all. Hope this helps.
  3. in order for a yard to sell parts or complete vehicles, they need a dismantling permit. to get one they have to turn in the title to the vehicle. what you need to do is get the DP, and after rebuilding the vehicle, take the DP to the DMV, along with the vehicle for inspection. after you get a clean inspection, you take the paperwork to the counter and get a new title for the vehicle. at least this is the way it is done in arizona. check with your local DMV for their procedure.
  4. I know in the state of GA....if the car is older than 15 years, you dont even need a title. You get a bill of sale, then the courthouse has a preprinted page that the two parties sign and that is as good as a title.

    I dont know how it works where you are, but you may want to call the DMV or the courthouse and ask.

  5. Don't settle for a salvage title whatever you do, if there isn't a free way to get a clean title in your state, just get one from titles unlimited (, or something like that).

    I got a clean title for my 1st '70 before I had even finalized the deal for the car just to make sure I could get one. (The seller was a friend and thought it was pretty funny when I suprised him with a title for a car he hadn't sold me yet)

    Just sent for the title for my second '70 too.

    Its a little pricey but worth it to avoid the legal crap, just read the site it would take too long to explain the loopholes they use.