how to get an increase in PM box size.

Discussion in 'Feedback Area | Testing Zone' started by 99FiveOh, May 6, 2011.

  1. Hello all. I have been around a while and have accumulated some good information from members in my PM box. It's handy to reference a lot of these so I really don't want to delete them. If find my box at like 90% all the time and it gets to 100% pretty quick!

    Any way to get it increased?
  2. Become a moderator/administrator. That's about it, honestly. Increasing the PM mailbox size and having them get full for a lot of people who never empty them would drastically increase the database size and for doing weekly backups, or even more frequently would also take up a lot of storage. A site like SN probably has a several GB database.
  3. Have you cleared out your sent items folder? And, Matt's hit the nail on the head in post #2... ;)