How to ID stock Cobra pulley?

Discussion in 'SVT Tech Forum' started by BlueOvalStangGT, Aug 8, 2004.

  1. Hey My buddy has a 03 Cobra, brand spanking new, Anyways, he raced another one of my freinds 01 SS w/ cams,4.10s, DR's, exhaust and a couple more things. The cobra like totally killed it and then he raced a Trans AM with a ****load of mods done to it (it supposely runs 11's). He beat that too. Alll he has is a MAC catback. I think his cobra dynoed at 392 at the wheels. Anyways the SS owner and the TA owner have sent me to figure out the rest of his mods. They know that cobras are fast but the are determined that this is a pullied/chipped cobra. How can I figue out all of his mods(if he has any) Thanks
  2. Make him remove the belt guard and then measure the pulley.
    Stock is 3.65 inches in diameter.

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  5. apparently i was wrong, hes paying for most of it, my bad
  6. Apparently you are wrong. I am paying for all of it. I traded in my 2000 GT and taking over full payments for the car, you can think my mother and father are paying for it, but they arnt. I am paying $540+ a month and sometimes I wonder if it is worth it. The car has a K&N FIPK and MAC Catback, soon to have Predator and MAC Prochamber.
  7. You dont even need to take the pulley cover off. You can tell, the stock pully is huge.(unless he has a lower)
  8. hey matt, check out the post above yours i already said that i was wrong and that you were paying for it. i forgot who it was but i think it was lance that said your parents paid for.
  9. You ever see the HD Truck pulley before? It's 3.40 inches in diameter, gives an additional pound or so of boost and without a tape measure you'd never know it wasn't the stocker.... only a quarter inch difference...