How To: Install 1" wheel spacers

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  1. good job...but those spacer sure were nasty looking ;)
  2. Didn't feel like sanding them.
    Thanks again man, was a good deal:nice:
  3. Nice video, reminds me of what I did just last night actually. My best valentines day ever, just working on my car! Car looks 100% better with the spacers!
  4. Good video, cutting the lug threads would make me kind of nervous.
  5. made me a little nervous but really was no bid deal...i cut mine with the lug nuts on the studs to make sure that the threads would clean up when i took them back off. i used a slightly larger cutoff wheel too, im not that patient.
  6. I just used the ones that came with the dremel, didn't have much of a selection. I would have used my angle grinder, but it's loud as hell on hardened steel, and im pretty sure my neighbors wouldn't be too happy about that.
  7. Pretty good video dude. Not much on the music but altogether a well put together vid. :nice:
  8. If you notice, youtube mutes new videos with real copywritten music. And since i have narration on it, that would make the video a bit useless. So i have to put independantly made music on. It sucks, i had Nirvana's Lake of Fire on a compilation and they made it a slient video:mad:
  9. Ha yea i did notice that. It does suck. Youtube is starting to tick me off.
  10. I know, they are owned by too large of a cooperation which face too much liability from little crap like this. I wish all car related videos were transferred to - but most traffic is on YT so i host there.
  11. Yea i usually check both sites but im on YT more.
  12. Good video as I am sure it will help quite a few people who are hesitant of quicking lugs off. Thats explains it very well!:nice:
  13. Good video Chris!!!!!!Im surprised you didn't show the before and after with the new wheels.
  14. It's a secret, Nate:Zip2: The after with the new wheels isn't a good comparison for the viewers, im going to a 18x10 that needs the spacer just to fit right because it's a S197 wheel. So using the 18x9's for B&A is a better refrence.
    Lol, still dont have the front Roush's on.
  15. AM doesn't want to use it now. They don't want their customers to "needlessly cut down their studs then not be able to run the stock wheels like for the winter."
    1. MM says if you have over 6 threads your fine, even with stock lugs and wheels - this is why a 1/4" flat spacer works - takes up even more threads that what's cut off.
    2. If you dont have wheel recesses, you have to cut down your studs to run a 1" spacer - it's not needless. AM's current video shows a 1.25" spacer - they're making people believe no one will need to cut them down.
  16. Cutting lugs is scary in itself. If you get the metal too hot you can actually crystalize the metal and make them more brittle. That + spacer can lead to a bad situation.

    If you are gonna cut your lugs, go slow and skip around from lug to lug allowing them to cool periodically. Don't use a grinder and get them cherry red.
  17. My little cutting discs would break about every 30 seconds - lol. It never even changed color, i think im good. The studs still went past where the shallow lugs seated to, and those are H&R so it's not like it's poor quality. I feel safe with it. I just though it was funny AM is talking about needlessly cutting off parts of the studs, they sell a 1" spacer and dont even tell customers they might need to do this to use it.
  18. I don't think they want to tell people to cut their studs anyway. Lots of legal ramifications can some from that.

    Does MM say to cut down the studs?
  19. MM doesn't sell spacers with new studs like that. What they do sell is a 1/4" spacer that's flat (i have a pair) and they state as long as after the spacer there is 6+ threads it's safe. So logic would tell us we need that many for secure lug torquing. So once you cut part of the stud off (most of it is the no threaded stub end, less threads are taken off than a 1/4" spacer would take off) you count how many threads you have left. It's plenty.