How To-Install Fox Body Smog Pump ***Lots Of Pics***

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  1. ok,my smog pump was making so much noise that people were asking me if my engine was on its way out:nonono:
    i checked autozone.
    they wanted $129+ tax for a 94-95 mustang gt pump :eek: (Cardone #32-292)
    the fox body pump was only $79+ tax:) (Cardone #32-291)

    there is no differance between the two except for the air discharge location (more on that later)but it fit with no problem:nice:

    ****things needed****
    1-fox body smog pump,Cardone #32-291.
    1-used fox body Smog Pump discharge elbow.(junk yard,under $2.any 93 and earlier 5.0 Mustang i think.)
    2-jack stands
    1-3/8 drive ratchet
    1-short 3/8 drive extension
    1-3/8 drive,1/2 deep socket
    1-3/8 drive,1/2 socket
    1-3/8 drive small breaker bar w/small extension.(for belt tensioner)
    1-slotted screwdriver
    1-5/16 wrench
    1-1/4 ratchet
    1-10mm,1/4 drive socket


    1.raise front end of car(i was doing something in addition to the pump,thats why its totally off the ground),set on jack stands.

    2.before removing belt,from under car,loosen three 5/16 Smog Pump(SP) pulley not remove yet!
    sp2.jpg small breaker bar w/ tiny extension into belt tensioner.

    4.push to the right to release tension on the belt.

    5.while holding breaker bar down,with your free hand,take belt off Alt pulley.SLOWLY allow the breaker bar to move to the left til it stops.

    Under Car.

    6.with slotted screwdriver,loosen hose clamp and remove hose from discharge tube.

    7.with your 1/2 socket and small extension,loosen but dont remove lower bolt holding SP to the bracket.
    sp9.jpg remove the Three 5/16 bolts holding the SP pulley to the SP,set pulley and bolts aside.

    9.with your 1/2 deep socket,loosen and remove the long upper bolt.

    10.with one hand holding the SP,remove the lower bolt.remove the SP from the car.(dont drop it on your head:))

    Install. are the two pumps side by side.the one on the top is the fox body pump,the bottom is the 94-95 pump.
    the only differance is the location of the discharge tube.
    the 94-95 pump has it pressed into the rear cover.
    the fox body pump uses a detachable elbow.i found this one at the JY for $1.50.
    i assume any 93 and earlier 5.0 mustang would have these.

    12.install discharge elbow onto fox body pump.
    the new pump will come with new bolts and gasket.
    set gasket down,place the elbow on it facing the rear of the pump.
    with your 10mm socket,tighten the two bolts.(dont over tighten)

    13.wiggle SP into the upper mount,hand install (be sure not to cross thread the bolt)long upper bolt,leave loose.

    14.install lower bolt,hand tighten(do not cross thread)
    with your 1/2 socket,tighten both upper and lower bolts.

    15.put your rubber hose on the discharge tube(it has more than enough slack)
    with your slotted screwdriver,tighten hose clamp.

    16.attach SP pulley,hand install Three 5/16 bolts.

    17.holding the pulley with one hand,use your 5/16 wrench to tighten the Three bolts.

    18.i hope you remembered your belt routing,if not,here you go.

    19.with your belt properly routed,hold the belt with one hand.with the other,push breaker bar to the right,slip the belt over the Alt pulley,release bar.

    20.check to make sure the belt is properly seated,and the pulley's are all lined up.

    21.not done yet!
    get back under the car and re-tighten the Three 5/16 bolts attaching the SP pulley.

    22.this picture's kinda dark,but you can see the fox body pump has no clearence issues at all.

    23.set the car back on the ground,all done!
    now you can enjoy hearing the power of your 5.0,and not the Squeak-Squeak of a bad Smog Pump.
  2. Good write-up! Always good to save $50. :nice:
  3. Nicely done.

    Which pulley did you use?
  4. thanks.

    i reused the pulley from my car.

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  5. outstanding job and saving 50 bucks is good too
  6. sweet write up!
  7. hey thanks for the post to this in my thread...great write up!
  8. Damn, sorry you went through all that trouble. I just dropped off a smog pump at the recycling yard today. If I knew you needed it, I would have shipped it to you.

  9. he did this back in getting ready to take mine off tomorrow and i asked if anyone had done one and he refered me back here...just gave him props on the write up and it made it current...sorry for the confusion kurt...btw anyone need a 94-95 5.0 smog pump?
  10. Harvey, good write up man! Just rolling threw here and noticed it was revived from the dead. LOL

    I think I might bypass mine with a smaller belt when it comes time to change it. I JUST CHANGED IT TOO! LOL!
  11. thanks.
    i just got home from battling that oil pressure gauge install:mad:
    what a pain.
  12. Well, time to install a new one!
    Now if only I can remember the phone number for the warranty!

    My pump started making a horrible noise right after my parking brake handle broke this morning :-(

    Got a replacement handle, and I'll install it later today.
  13. IMG_20131112_093645.jpg

    And done!
    Special thanks to @SableSal for the warranty info.
  14. Fyi. Mine did the same thing till it actually locked up. I took it apart. Cleaned it and lightly sanded the inside of the cylinder. Regreased it and its good to go. Reminds me of the interior of an impact wrench, really about the same maintenance too. took an hour total to fix.
  15. I did that once before too.

    It lasted a few months.

    To me, its not worth the time or effort when I can have a professionally rebuilt unit with a lifetime warranty
  16. Well thats not what I wanted to hear.
  17. Great detailed write-up. I don't do much wrenching these days but for something like the smog pump I can't see myself paying someone else to do it. Somehow I've never had a smog pump issue, until recently. My car sounds like an old pickup that's been sitting in a barn for 10 years. I see now that it isn't much different than replacing the alternator except you have to get underneath the car.