How To Install-Sequential Tail Light Kit ***pics***

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  1. i installed this kit last week,just now had time to post this up.

    this is basicly a reproduction of the guide that comes with the kit.
    but with my own color pictures and a little (crappy) video at the end.

    the kit i'm using is the splice in kit for 96-04 mustang.
    its the STS-1M,can be found at the link below for about $70.(got mine on the corral for $50 :) )
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    -----tools needed-----
    1.sequential light kit(comes with everything needed for install)
    1-needle nose plires
    1-wire cutter/stripper
    1-small pointed tool
    2-dual filament bulb for #1 light socket(you may or may not need these,depending on whats in your tail lights)

    for light housing
    1-3/8 drive ratchet
    1-3/8 drive,7/16 deep socket



    ORANGE/BLUE STRIPE=signal wire


    RED=signal input
    BLUE=signal output
    WHITE=signal output

    1.back of tail light housing.
    #1.inner light light
    #3.outer light
    R.reverse light

    2.remove #1 light connector from housing

    3.with small tool,pry rubber seal out of light connector

    4.with pointed tool,poke hole in rubber seal as shown.

    5.insert yellow wire through hole.(supplied with kit)

    6.with needle nose pliers,insert pin into light connector.make sure its fully seated.

    7.replace rubber seal
    10.jpg light connector back in tail light housing.

    9.remove tape wrapping the tail light wiring,you will need some slack in the wiring for the next step.

    10.swap the positions of #1 and #2 light connectors as shown.

    11.with pointed tool,poke two holes in tail light wiring grommet.

    12.from sequential light module,feed the BLUE and WHITE wires through the holes.

    13.near tail light harness connector,remove tape wrapping the wiring as shown.

    14.on tail light wiring,find the ORANGE/BLUE STRIPE wire,

    15.using the supplied quick splice connector,connect the ORANGE/BLUE STRIPE wire with the RED wire from the module.
    use your plires to press togeather the quick splice connector to ensure a good connection.

    16.find the BLACK wire on the tail light harness and with quick splice connector,connect to the BLACK wire on the module.

    17.back at the #1 light connector,with supplied wire nut,connect the YELLOW wire with the WHITE wire coming from the module.
    25-1.jpg #3 light connector,cut ORANGE/BLUE STRIPE WIRE.

    19.with supplied wire nut,connect the ORANGE/BLUE STRIPE wire from #3 light connector with the BLUE wire from module.

    20.with supplied zip ties,tie up all wiring so its nice and neat.
    passanger side is done.

    21.install tail light housing.(driver side shown.)
    feed connector and module through,pull grommet into place and bolt in housing.
    make sure no wires are in between the housing and body.

    for the driver side,same procedure


    GREEN/ORANGE STRIPE=signal wire

    here's a quick video of sequential light kit installed.
    not very good,i'll get a better video later.
    i like it alot,a little fast,but i can live with it.

    brake,left,right,and hazard.
  2. my only suggestion is to solder the connections instead of using the pos 3m connectors or wirenuts..

    In the pictures you posted, there is still bare wire hanging out the end of the wiretaps... besides the fact they are prone to fail.
  3. +1 on the soldering but those are self-piercing scotchlocks, actually pretty good connection for a non-signal/ECM type tap.
  4. i cut the bare wire flush with the quick connects.
    i plan on soldering and heat shrink covers when i'm not so lazy.
  5. thanks Strike,:nice:
  6. Not a problem. I know it's alot of work to not only perform an install, but to document with pictures/upload images and post them is an added time consumer and we appreciate it. :nice:
  7. lol,tell me about it.
    my browser froze up once :mad:,and i accidently closed the window :doh: another time when i was almost done with the write up.
    took forever to get this up!
  8. Thanks for this. I just got my kit in the mail, and this is way better than the instructions I got!
  9. What he said... Good write-up !!!!!!
  10. Question though I have a 94 gt with aftermarket 96+ tails would this kit work for my car is the wiring the same or atleast can it be done?
  11. Can't say, seeing as its an aftermarket set.
  12. The control for the sequential action is controlled by the kit. All it needs is the power source and it does the rest. So I don't see why it wouldn't work.