How to keep parking lights on when headlights are on?

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  1. My parking lights go out when I turn my headlights on like they are suppossed to, but I want them to stay on. I've searched wiring diagrams and on the forum here and can't find anything...

    I'm guessing it has something to do with the headlight switch (duh) but can anyone give me some specific direction? Is there a relay that turns off the parking lights when the headlights come on? Or could I wire in a relay that trips when the headlights come on to power the parking lights?

  2. I think if you only pull out the switch one "click", it turns on just the parking lights.

  3. Roger on that, but I want the parking lights to stay on when I pull it out another click (when the headlights come on)...
  4. It sounds like a bad switch maybe?

    They should stay on....right? Mine did :shrug:
  5. ahh i see. yeah sounds like a bad swith.
  6. That's becuase yours is a 70. In 1968 the federal govt required marker lamps and running lights as well as other saftey items, so what's been mentioned is normal for our early cars. It's fairly easy to 'fix', just run a jumper wire across the switch.
  7. 69 parking lights don't stay on with the headlights either, just 70-up. you might be able to use a 70-up headlight switch but i won't swear to it.
  8. I can't beleive you guys didn't know it supposed to operate like that.


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  10. Yes, the headlights will still operate the same.
  11. Will the markers still act as directionals if they are jumped to the tailight?
  12. Yeah there is a separate filament in the bulb for turn signals.
  13. I understand that there is an 1157 in the marker, but if I wire it to the tail light, will it still get the "call" from the flasher? I am worried that the marker will stay on like a tail light and not flash like a directional. My car is a '69 Marauder, but they all have blue valve covers, can't we all just get along.
  14. No offense to anyone here, but I been lurking here for years, if Tim65GT tells you something, you can take it to the bank, it`ll work. He has probably forgotten more than I`ll ever know....LOL
  15. A 1157 is like 2 bulbs in one. One of the filaments is wired to the parking lights and the other is wired to the turn signals. Just as long as you don't cross the parking light with the turn signal circuits the park lights will come on with the tail lights and the turn signals will work as they always have.
  16. The front marker IS my directional up front. It always works as a directional, but only stays on when the switch is pulled hald way out for markers. Yes I have side directionals that always stay on as markers.

    I think you are telling me to just jump the parking light to the tail and all will be well.

    Now if you really want to impress the new guy...answer this:

    This weekend I wired Painless Wiring courtesy lights into the Marauder under the dash. I spliced them into the door switches and they work fine in conjunction with the 2 lights in the sail panel and the map light that is switched to work as an interior light also. I just like the "warmpth" of underdash courtesy lights. All works well except...when I put the interior lights on through my headlight switch, my "lights on" light flashes like I got out of the car with the lights on and the buzzer goes off. What did I do?
  17. Not sure on that one, a wiring diagram of the painless system and the factory lights will help a lot.