Electrical How To Make Fuel Pump Run After Efi To Carb Switch

Discussion in '1994 - 1995 Specific Tech' started by 85fiveohman, Jun 20, 2013.

  1. ok I have a 94 vert I got thru trade it had been switched to carb by the previous owner but was a hack job. I have went thru and cleaned it up and installed a duraspark style ignition on the car. the factory 42 pin plug is still in the engine bay but the engine harness has been removed but I wired it up so my factory tach and oil psi and water temp gauge would work. my problem here is the fuel pump will cycle with key on but will not run how do I make it run when the car is running I had a family member convert a 89 vert to carb and he ran a signal wire from the coil to the control module plug to make the fuel pump act like it should my question is have any of you ran into this and fixed it if so how? I do not want to run a toggle switch would like to keep it all in wiring.:scratch:
  2. Are they still running the stock fuel pump? You can't do that. It puts out over 100 psi of fuel pressure, and the carb needs like 7. If it still has the stock fuel pump in there, you need to wire in an under hood fuel pump, and put a pickup tube in the tank.

  3. It has the stock in tank fuel pump right now yes wit a return style reg. its regulated down to 6 psi I plain to put a holly blue on it in the future but I will be using the existing wiring. So as of right now I am just trying to get it to function as it should
  4. You can use a electric carb pump in the trunk using oem wiring i believe.
  5. I am trying to figure out how to make the pump run while the car is.