How to make my stang beat 2005 gt ?

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  1. Will do pi swap very soon, any ideal ? he beat me a car today, I have no mod accept pi intake. Thanks
  2. Only by a car? Wow, I thought it would be worse, good work keeping up with him bro. Actually, I'm on the same boat, except I have a 03 and my buddy has an 07. I wonder If I can keep up or beat him.
  3. full pi swap and you should be able to beat him....especially if he only beat you by one car now.

    full pi swap, 4.10s, DRS and youll be beating up on them
  4. haha , WHAT, only a car, when did u guys stop racing, 60mph??

    i dunno about that, my Stock 03 GT beats my modded 98 GT all day long. i usually pull away really hard going into third gear.
  5. hahahaha thats what i was thinking. me and my bro are dead even with all my stuff except spray and he has a few mods too but still lol.

    is he auto or 5spd and was he at wot?

    if you do a full PI swap 4.10s, drag radials, and exhaust work and a good tune i think you will get him. just because of weight differences. but if he puts even a tune and intake and some gears on that thing your dead again lol.
  6. yea, i mean i hate to admit it but if i ever to mess around with other cars on the road..(very safely ofcourse with no other cars around) alot of the time if i know its a slower car, i dont wot. i just give enough gas to be ahead of them and if they wanna go again, or think they where so close then i'll let it sceam and really open it up... i think its funner this way lol
  7. well thats how you hustle people at the track. always win by a little and say that you dont know how you won it must have been driver error in the other car cause he should have had you lol. it actually works cause it gets the person thinking this time im going to launch it better and get this guy but then you just push it a lil harder to stay ahead loll.
  8. he stock with manual. i shift every 6k, and she very early.
  9. yea im sorry to say man but he was messing with you or shifting at like 4000 lol. Your car probably runs mid to high 14s and his car will easily click off high 13s. its going to take full PI swap like i said exhaust work gears and good tires.

    they are fast cars those 3vs pull much harder than the 2v up top.

    if you gear your car with exhaust work so like 4.10s with xpipe and catback and a tune and you race 1/8th mile with good tires you may win. just cause they are heavy cars so you will jump him with 4.10s but he will pull back but in an 1/8th mile its not going to be long enough for him to pull back enough
  10. I'm going to say you will need cams and long tubes in addition to the pi swap to beat an 05+.
  11. full pi swapped, modded, tuned 96-98s can make 260-280 hp to the wheels and with some tires, 4.10s they can run low 13s with ease.

    low 13s is more than enough to beat a 05+gt...unless the 05 gt had gears,DR's,intake with a tune....even then it would be a drivers race IMO

    im not just talking out my arse...pi swapped 96-98s run mid to low 13s all day..

    In fact, a dude just posted a 13.1 at 103 with gears,pulleys,exhaust,cai,pi heads and pi intake untuned( i think he had pi cams too)
  12. i second this. 05+'s are around 279rwhp/290rwtq stock. We have a slight weight advantage, so i'd say PI swap with gears and all bolts ons (including LT"s) or PI swap with stage 1/stage 2 cams and less gear - and some bolt ons. You need traction to winn every time. But it's really not that hard
  13. this guy with a 05 5 speed said this:

    I went to the Dyno stock and ran 263.67 RWHP 284.31 RWTQ. She was running off the chart rich though. Installed a Steeda CAI, w/ Diablo Predator Tune...played around for a bit....282.67 RWHP 302.40 RWTQ and the A/F is much much better about 12.1

    sn95 5 speed is like 3250
    05+ 5 speed 3450

    200 pounds is a pretty good differance....enought to make up for 30-40 hp I would say.
  14. usually with a tune and intake they are around 290-295/300. That's a lil dangerous territory for a 2V

    And it's 3077 dry for a sn95, not 3250
  15. i dont think cams would be necessary as my brother has an 07 GT with 3.73s borla catback, jlt rai, and a xcal2 and from a roll he cant run away and neither can i and thats to 90mph from about a 20 roll. (this was done at the local run down airport)

    at the track he still has yet to beat my time and trap speed the only part i have over him is the xpipe and tb and plenum. all else is the same. I admit though im a better driver than he is too.

    but i say full PI swap with exhaust, gears, tune, and tires will beat one. but it will still be a very close race still and thats if he is stock. once they start modding its good game you might as well jump into FI lol.
  16. yea 3250 is about what a new edge weighs
  17. well, i'll just say that id be suprised if a S-197 pulled on me after im done, especially if i can get LT's to work with smog
  18. I hear so many differant curb weights for the sn...just trying to be safe with it but still 350+ lb differance is a lot.

    331 pounds in the new evo makes the new one go 14.0 at 97 compared to the old one that went 13.4 at 103.

    the new one is supposed to make 10 more hp and have 10 more ft lb of torque.

    evo X FTL

    s197s dont usually pull on me when I race them
  19. My old dyno was 270hp/285tq with the following mods:

    PI intake/Heads
    Comp stage II cams
    BBK Long tubes+full exhaust
    Trick Flow Plenum, 70mm TB, CAI
    SCT tune
  20. seems low, was it a mustang dyno or on a hot day/ high altitude?