How to make my stang beat 2005 gt ?

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  1. LOL!!! Your probably right.

    Im actually thinking about taking a trip to Sac raceway this saturday. I will be borrowing my buddies Nitto drag radials, so we will see if i can get into the 12's, which my car should easily do with my current mods, it just depends on my driving....I just hope I dont blow out my poly bushings on my LCA's this time. Im supposed to be swapping in my XD LCA's soon, but they are for coilovers only since they dont have spring perches & I cant install my rear coilovers until I do the tq arm, which keeps getting put off because other things come up.....
  2. lol. yup, im a dumb kid too. only, i kinda take it down a notch, you see, u role in a mach 1, i just have a GT, so, i pick on the small guys lol.
    haha nah its all fun n games man. who cares
  3. i've never once seen a Pi swapped GT put down 230:shrug: Could just be me tho

    Don't forget the extra almost 300 or so pounds too.
  4. I've seen them range from 220-230rwhp with a full PI swap (heads/cams/intake). You really need an ECU retune to make the most out of it though. True, there is a some added weight with the S197, but all things being equal, 300lbs added weight isn't near enough to make a difference between two cars that run over a full second apart from one and other in stock trim. Not to mention the suspension on the S197 more than makes up for it IMO. I can drop the hammer on an automatic equipped S197 without even breaking a tire lose. No clawing for traction, no abrupt wheel spin. They just dump and jump. And the 5R55 trans is probably one of the best shifting Auto's built today!
  5. I do envy the 5R55, wish i had a 5-speed auto with a good stall - but that'd be thousands of dollars with this new trans. Maybe i've never seen 230rwhp from a swap cuz they always have bolts ons since the PI swap isn't most people's first mod, and they most always have a tune too. I've seen myself of a range from around 240rwhp all the way up to 310rwhp with ported heads.
    But at around 290rwhp the S197 is just warming up for mods - so it's not too comparable.
    I still think i'll have an edge if i pull up next to one, if i dont then god that'd be sad.
  6. Remember though, 05+ GT's beat Mach 1's all day!!! LOL!!! Its all in good fun, thats all....:D
  7. dude, ill take a Mach 1 any day over an s197.
    mach 1 is a 4 valve
    you rarely see them
    and its jus dead sexy.

    and the new gt's, they are like *******s, everyone has them now.
  8. :hail2: :flag:
  9. I'd take a new S197 over a Mach 1 just for reasons of being newer and warranty and low milage. But if they made the S197 in 04 with the Mach1 the way it was I'd take a Mach1 and go single T-68 with it as like the 3rd mod - lol.
  10. alright, excluding warrenties and low milage though. I still think the mach 1 is a better built machine. Would you agree?
  11. I would disagree. The Mach 1 has every flaw that the SN95 platform had. I seriously was looking at buying an 04 Mach 1 new. I liked the S197 concept and waited for one and glad I did. Since then, I seriously looked into getting a used 04 Mach 1 to add to the collection. Having looked at a few Mach 1's, I have decided that when I add a 4V to my collection, it won't be a SN95 platform vehicle unless it is a Terminator. The SN95 platform is ancient compared to the S197...
  12. So in other words, Mach 1's suck, & so do all SN95's?
  13. Sorry, off the current topic. Me and another member are going to race sometime soon since the strip opened back up near us. So I ask, would my 03 gt auto vs his 07 gt 5-speed, stand a chance? My mods are as follows:

    aem cai
    diablo 91/custom tune
    c&l plenum
    accufab 75mm tb
    frpp 3.73's
    fms ds
    steeda pulleys
    pypes o/r x
    contiextreme 275/40 tires

    His mods:

    k&n cai
    steeda tri-ax shifter
    mac prochamber
    gibson axle backs
    stock tires

    What do you guys think? Since the OT was how to beat a 05+ gt?
  14. Depends on how you look at it.
  15. If he knows how to drive and has traction, you will lose quite badly...
  16. I've been following this thread and have had a few good laughs, but the truth of the matter about "older drivers" is.......#1. We grew up with these types of cars. #2. We know better than to street race a youngster, we don't like to see them wreck from being stupid.:D 3. We can out drive them all day long and still not get a ticket. 4. Once you've beat a 2000 corvette.......wheres the challenge or fun of having to do more than that???????:rolleyes:
    Have a nice daydream about beating one.:rlaugh: :rlaugh: :rlaugh:
  17. He a 14.5 last summer with everything in his mod list but the prochamber.
  18. and with being older comes the classic arrogance that can only be achieved through years of practice.
  19. Mach1s are awesome cars and one of the best sn95s but the quality is much better on the s197. You can get a used s197 for the same price you could get a used mach. I would take the s197 over the mach but it doesn't matter because next year when I put a super charger in my car both the mach and s197s will be behind me:D .
  20. Without asking a tonne of questions, it appears he can't drive worth ****, so you have a good chance of winning.