How to make my stang beat 2005 gt ?

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  1. Im sorry to say it, but 200 pounds is NOT enough to make up for 30-40 horsepower, maybe 10 if youre lucky. If that were the case, you could take out your upholstry and spare tire, run on an empty tank, and run 11s !!!! Also, I have done the pi swap, with ALL the bolt ons, headers, coil packs, wires, tune, gears, intake tb, plenum, pullies........... and these cars are just not as fast as the 3v cars. If you are lucky, the guy you are racing sucks, you'll win. My buddy has an 06 with some bolt-ons, and he walks guys with built 302's that lay down 20 more hp at the wheels. He only makes about 290, but the newer engines are just efficient and fast :)
  2. It comes down to this guys:

    If you own a Mach 1 and come across any 05+ with equal mods and think you're going to win every time: YOU'RE IGNORANT

    If you own a 05+ and come across any Mach 1 with equal mods and think you're going to win every time: YOU'RE IGNORANT

    If you own a PI swapped/cammed/bolt on SN95 and come across a Mach 1 or 05+ with equal mods and think you're going to win every time: YOU'RE IGNORANT

    If you own a 05+ or a Mach 1 and come across a PI swapped/cammed/bolt SN95 and think you're going to win every time: You're warranted in that assumption, but be ready for a race

    If any side says something like:
    Then that's just self-servingly pathetic
  3. i agree, 200 lbs doesnt make up for 30-40hp. But 10hp? LOL, i think i'd rather be 600lbs lighter than 30hp more powerful:rlaugh:
  4. Absolutely Not! Other than the desire many have for the DOHC 4V engine and the limited 2-year run that revamps the Mach 1 heritage, the S197 is a better built car all the way across the board than the SN95. Stiffer chassis, better suspension geometry, nicer more refined interior, cleaner more ergonomic design....just plain better.

    Anyone choosing the Mach 1 over the S197 for any other reason than the ones I've stated above do so based simply on their visual appeal and personal preference alone and not because it's a better car!
    I wouldn't go as far to say they suck, since many of us still love them despite their many design flaws but technically speaking, when it comes right down to it, they are the lesser car by comparison. Just as the Fox is mechanically the lesser car when compared to the SN95.
  5. Well, it was hot and humid that day and was his first time at the strip(butterflys in the stomach lol.) I was just watching and then about a month later i got my car.
  6. Stop talking about build quality and interior comfort people, look at the title of the thread - it's a matter of which is faster, and neither are a definite winner.
    I think it's obvious that a newer car should be a better all around car than the same version of the same company's older model, why are we arguing over that?
    If Ford put out a model that was inferior than it's previous model they wouldn't be in business and the previous models would almost double in price. Niether have happened.
  7. Actually...the thread title indicates a PI swapped pre-99 SN95 car vs. an S197. In which case, lining the two up with equal drivers the S197 will murder the SN95. So I'd say we've got a definite winner. It only recently morphed into a Mach 1 vs. S197 debate. Which in my opinion is a drivers race with the edge going to the Mach 1 regardless which is the better built car.
  8. unfortunately they're just plain bigger too...
    and I don't mean just a few hundred pounds heavier either, it's bigger in every dimension than an SN95...the S197 is just a BIG car...

    for some people that's an acceptable swap, but it's far too big in my opinion (SN95's are only a little too big ;) ) I think a little less performance and sophistication is a good trade off for a better sized (and dare I say better looking) car...but then I like as little as possible between me and my car :D

    but there is always somebody faster, and they only way to decide who's gunna beat who is to take it to the track... "internet racing" will never prove anything
  9. What do you know about my driving skills or driving record? Im currently on my 4th Mustang & have yet to get a speeding ticket & have 0 accidents? I guess me being 30 years old makes me such an irresponsible kid huh?? U, like alot of the 05+ owners probably just got back into Mustangs when the 05's came out so what do u know?? :rlaugh: :rlaugh: :rlaugh:

    Im tired of all you guys trying to act like you dont EVER drive fast on the streets!!!!
  10. yes, that was decided soon enough. But the topic was still which is faster when other cars were brought up like the Mach 1 and a PI swapped/cammed/bolt on GT. So i really don't see why interior and build quality is being talked about unless your talking suspension geometry.
  11. OOOOO....getting a little heated now. :popcorn:
  12. Better sized for who? I'm 6'2" and 260lbs. I feel right at home in the cockpit of an S197, where I'm always staring out the top of the windshield tint of an SN95. The longer wider body also ads to the cars stability and handling. I sure don't mind the trade off of a few hundred pounds if it means everything else across the board is improved.

    Take the Shelby GT500 for example? Probably the largest and heaviest Factory Mustang ever built, yet arguably the best all around performer of them all. Followed closely by the '03-'04 Cobra which is another heavy weight that outshined the previous model before that. Lets go to the other end of the spectrum. The Mustang II was smallest and lightest of the bunch, so based on that knowledge alone, would you consider it the better performer? You can't let size or weight alone dictate which is the better car.

    I'm not saying the S197 is perfect, but as far as shortcomings go, it's got far fewer of them than it's predecessor.
  13. I think Epik, me and Unbrdld07 (or another closer S197) should meet at a track - since we're all much nicer more logical people in person and it'd probably settle a lot.
  14. Im with that...

    The fact of the matter is, these 05+ owners need to stick to bashing our SN95/new edge/fox chassis mustangs in the 05+ forums....
  15. My reply was in response to mazen189's statement of the Mach 1 being the "better built machine" (which is why I quoted it). Better built encompasses many factors and areas of the vehicle....not just from a raw performance aspect. If you want to come at it from that angle only, the S197 has already proven the better “performer” being able to out run, out handle and out stop the SN95. Might I add doing so all while carrying a heavier curb weight to boot!

    The car itself has been improved from all angles, including build quality and interior ergonomics. Higher build quality attributes the cars over all feel, as does interior improvements like driving/seating position and gauge layout. I really don’t understand why you would leave them out of the mix when an open ended statement like “better built machine is being used as the template for comparison? :shrug:
    I certainly hope you've not included me amongst the list of the "SN95 bashers". I've stated nothing but fact in my responses. Feel free to point out otherwise if you feel I'm being unfair. I believe I've got a completely unbias opinion when you consider I don't currently own any of those cars.
  16. No, not you Gearbanger. i actually respect your opinions & statements on this site ALOT... You speak the truth & logic, & you know alot about Mustangs & cars in general....

    Im talking about TGJ, & UNBIRDID 07.... 4.6 talk is pretty much the unofficiial 96-04 4.6 Mustang forum on stangnet. They need to stick to bashing our cars in the 05+ Forum...Coming into 4.6 talk & bashing our cars is like going into the 5.0 forums & saying "Fox chassis mustangs, & pushrod motors suck"
  17. yo can i get in that ???
    then we'll have all cars across the line.
  18. hahahahahahahaha this is what makes stangnet great lol. debates like this we move from performance into quality into interior back to performance then to interior and looks lol. who honestly cares both cars have strong and weak points. I must say though some people on this forum need to do some reading up on the s197s though. the mach is a great car 4vs are awesome i love them wish i had one. but in all honesty id take a 3v over a mach just because its newer technology. i have seen a few 3vs now with full boltons and heads and cams put down 370rwhp. thats pretty impressive considering us 2v guys are making that number on boost.

    the 3v has a better computer with better sensors in it that react much faster than our cars.

    its a drivers race between the cars and you cannot compare times really either because there are many factors that go into that as well. this debate can go so many ways and it will never come to an agreement or conclusion of which one is better. I havent run my brothers car any better than a 9.2 on the track cause i cant launch it at all. but his first time out when he was bone stock he ran an 8.9 that was his first time ever drag racing and the car was only a few months old.

    and then i have seen mach 1 owners out at the track with full exhaust and drag radials with gears running in the 9s as well. its not cause the car sucks its cause the driver needs to learn how to drive that thing.
  19. The ONLY bashing I did was call you out on your street racing comment. Go back and read what I said regarding everything else. In fact, I have included every comment of mine in this post...

    Now for the record, I have the most powerful street driven N/A 2V auto equipped car on this site and it may even be the most powerful street driven N/A 2V. I have helped out quite a bit in the 4.6L section, but alright, I shouldn't be in this section any more...

    Now, here is everyone of your posts...

    You tell me who is doing all the bashing... I don't know where you get off complaining about me. You don't belong in the 4.6L section either... You have a 95 and a Mach 1, you should be hanging out in the Mach section and either 5.0L or V6 section( Whatever your 95 has ) of the boards...

  20. whoa...calm down big guy!.

    Every car will react differant but for example

    evo x ran 13.4 at 103 290hp and 290 tq
    evo ix ran 14.0 at 97 with 300 hp and 300tq

    so the old one ran .6 faster and trapped like 5-6 mph more with 10 less hp and 10 less tq?

    you know why?

    330 lbs weight differance.

    200lbs is a good amount of weight and I would bet you could shave off .3-.4 tenths with 200 lbs.

    or make up for 30-40 hp.

    remove your head from your ass

    "If that were the case, you could take out your upholstry and spare tire, run on an empty tank, and run 11s !!!! "

    removing 15 lbs from the trunk and like 100 pounds of upholstery + running a little bit of gas will have a little effect.

    Probably knock off a couple tenths if you were running 1/4 tank compared to a full tank and no upholstery/sparte tire.

    explain to me how like 150 pounds makes a 14 second car run 11s?