How to make my stang beat 2005 gt ?

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  1. Just pointing out that to bash "older" mustang drivers without knowing any of them is pointless. So are you and everyone else here being "IGNORANT" or ARROGANT??? I'm guessing a little of both, and you probably do know some "older" mustang drivers so..........yes, I'm a little arrogant but I'm also wiser to know the difference between the two.:rolleyes:
  2. I say get the full PI swap first and foremost. Next get some 3.73's or 4.10's. You need to get that thing right out of the hole. You can get a jump on the 05-08 GT's because of their fly-by-wire thottle control. They lag for a split second when you mash the gas. (You can get rid of that with a tune, but most people are prolly still stock with those.)
  3. man if we were all in the same room right now talking about this i think it would be a big brawl lol.

    just figured something out why must we have topics like this come up about beating other stangs? are we cannibals guys?
  4. just some FYI...

    4 valves are better than 3....

    and pushrods own!

    ive raced plenty of modded 05's in my heavy (3680lbs) without me in it. 4000lbs lol

    and all it took was an off road pipe, bassanis welded into my stock catback, and a JLT....with no grears or a tune......

    3 valves have the down low TQ 4 valves are missing....but the 4's way supercede on the top end....

    and i have 4.30's for TQ loss :D

    i have 0000000000000 problems beating an 05+, and machs have better heads, cams for NA applications, and a better flowing manifold.

    EPIKS mach is nasty....bottom line. TGJ go get served by a 4 valve now!

    THANKS!!! :nice: :nice:

    now let the flaming commence.......
  5. and the award for the most useless post of the thread goes to.....
  6. im going to go with me on this one.

    i only have one post!! which means i have no experience with any of this because i am unfortuneatley.......a n00b......:(

    but on a serious note. stock for stock...and i mean down to the tires. a mach 1 will out perform and 05+ GT. in more ways than a straight line.
  7. What are you saying? I used "ignorant" and "arrogant" in their proper respective forms in relation to what i was talking about.
    I called you arrogant because you projected superiority concerning your car and your age (assumptions of being wise and mature).
    I called people who assumed they'd always win a race as ignorant, hence ignoring another car's capabilities.

    Please point out how me using these words show i don't know the difference between the two, otherwise your argument looks pretty thin to me:shrug:
  8. Well 4 different 03 - 04 Mach1's have tried to *serve* me, I am 7W 0L against them...

    Odd, from a few very reputable sources, the best flowing factory intake manifold is found on the 3V. It significantly outflows the Mach1's intake manifold.
  9. That *lag* is actually a problem in the sending unit on the gas pedal. There is a mod out there to correct it. A tune can compensate for it, but it doesn't completely fix it.
  10. Hmm, things are slowing down here, lets stir the pot:

    96 Mustang GT = $5000?
    ported PI heads+stage1/2 NA cam+springs+PI intake+suspension+brakes = $1800-$2900 depending on if you do it yourself and if you buy used/new.
    Then bolt on's and tune= $1600-$2200

    Total: $8.5-9.5k or so? Then maybe $800-1k for wheels/tires. 275-300rwhp (completely depending on mods and tune)@3077lbs

    04 Mach 1: $17.5k [email protected]
    05 GT: $18.5-19.5k 275-285rwhp @3450lbs

    ok.....go View attachment 328796
  11. hahahahahahaha well if you wanna look at it that way try this one out 2000 civic Si 5000 + 4000 turbo system with a few other mods lol walks both cars with ease lol. buddy of mine actually had one with 408whp on 14psi it ran 11.4s lol

    but man this is one interesting and long thread lol everyone arguing who is faster lol. who cares we should not be arguing with each other we should be going after the ls1s and the turbocharged imports and not bashing other stangs. i mean dang this thread turned from a simple question into a heated debate lol
  12. yeah, im just stirring the pot. I dont even agree with my contention - cuz with that logic the money would be better spent on a supercharged/intercooled 99+ that would beat all the cars.
    But doesn't s civic need built internals and usually a B16 swap to hit 400's?
  13. i was comparing a machs manifold to that of a 99/01 cobra manifold......because i have no issues pulling on one.

    i belive the 99/01's are like 240cfm and machs are 295.....

    and maybe youre right! youve gotten 7 out of 7. your opponent must of not known how to drive there car. NA 4 valves NEED to be reved out.....or else they suck......

    this is pretty much a pointless debate.....machs are BY FAR the best performing NA stangs to date. and please dont try to argue that...its pure fact and common sense as to why they are. so try and not be biased because you own a 05+ or becasue you spent $30k on one and your trying to justify your purchase.......ok??
  14. oh, gawd. Here we go again
  15. hahahahaha yea he bought it with a b16 already in it for 5grand lol. it was a sweet car but sadly it was still a civic at the end of the day at the track lol.

    you and me both my man i cant believe this topic has gone for 6 page now lol. its kinda hilarious im just sitting back and taking it all in. its entertaining when you have nothing else to do during the day lol. since its a momentary cease fire im going to tell everyone whats going on with my mustang.

    alright im running the 150 shot right now but since i am now single i got all this money plus tax returns coming so i have decided to build the motor with some new pistons and rods. the crank will be fine for what i want. i want to run my 200 shot build the rear end. I am looking to run mid 7s in the 1/8th now thats my goal for this summer. Also im looking into patriot stage 2 heads with comp stage 2 cams.

    my brother is trying to beat me now with his 07 GT he is getting an sts twin turbo system for his car. i cant let him win lol.

    oh and one other thing my bike is getting a 30 shot of the juice as well. alright continue boys
  16. Blah blah blah...

    Maybe it is because people are hurt by the fact that the 3V's perform better than the 4V's...

    If I lose to a 4V, I might change my tune, until then, if the shoe fits...
  17. 1996 Mustang GT = 13-year-old car, with 13-year-old car problems. Hence the price difference. I really need to go on from there? ;)
  18. Im done in this thread since I basically started a Mach 1 vs. S197 war...This was not my original intent... i was just being cocky by saying "buy a Mach 1 & u wont have any problems". I shouldve just kept my mouth shut from the beginning & offered some advice about how to make his (the thread starter) car faster.....That was my fault.... But you, TGJ, had to go stir up $h!t by making some lame comment about street racing when I never mentioned anything about a street race with an 05+... Not once did I mention street racing at all until after you made the comment.... I am the only one with the balls to admit I street race from time to time...Is it right, NO, street racing is wrong, but I am not going to deny that I do it from time to time....If the Moderators want to ban me for this, so be it, but I will stand by my posts.... Unbrded07 also is guilty of some lame comments when the only thing I said about his post was that his "STOCK" rwhp #'s were wrong...That was it until you deliberately tried to offend me.... I might have bashed S197's a little in the process, but not any worse than what you stated about Mach 1's & SN95's....

    BTW, I still think a Mach 1 has the slight edge over an S197 stock for stock & mod for mod, but is it a better car...NO!!!!
  19. 2008-1996 = 12, plus you can get get a 98 for the same price. And are we talking about interior, build quality, and reliability again Gearbanger?:Zip2:

    :rlaugh: j/k, i love this thread
  20. hahahahahahahaha man you love busting people on the math errors huh lol

    but i agree this is a pretty beast thread lol its what makes :SNSign: :SNSign: :rlaugh: