How to make my stang beat 2005 gt ?

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  1. Simple solution OP.........el es juan :eek: ohh noes i didnt just bring this into teh thread:p .
  2. if you dont mind driving around a car that looks like an aborted fetus, LS1 is the way to goo for straight line speed:nice:
  3. Everybody knows they are catfish, I have proof....
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  4. that's certainly your opinion...but it's not mine...

    if you like that S197s better good for you, but I don't...I'm not trying to change anybody's mind or bicker with folks, I just think it's a shame Ford made the new Mustang too dang big...
  5. welllllll gawwwwwwwwd dayummmmm it now begins lol why must you throw an ls1 into the equation kind sir
  6. :fairyfight: :lol:
  7. Count the model years again....feel free to take off your socks and use your fingers and toes if you'd like. New cars go on sale mid year during the year preceding their designation, therefore a '96 Mustang could be bought in the later months of '95. It's now half way thought the 2008 run, soon coming up on the '09 models which means the '96 bought new would now be considered a 13-years old car, not a 12-years old car.

    So maybe you need to :Zip2: ;)

    And even if you can get a '98 for the same price, you're still comparing an old car to a new one (superior design across the board aside).....which by any stretch is no comparison. Ageing parts, wear and tear, additional aftermarket parts and labor needed to even match the performance of the newer model and most importantly the older car is still....way....way out of warranty!
    You certainly get what you pay for with a new car.

    If you're going to stir the pot, you're going to need a bigger spoon by the looks of it! :D

    This has nothing to do with personal taste (yours or mine). The fact of the matter is, is that the S197 picked up where the SN95 left off. It doesn't matter if you think it's too big or's still by every defenition a better car!
  8. this thread, has been beat
    cant we all get along
    i love the sn95's
    i love the new edge stangs
    i love the s197 mustang

    I prefer the new edge stangs, only cause, thats what i can afford. lol, and that doesnt make it any better than any other stang.

    and whos the moderator? is it Gearbanger, dude, this thread is getting fellow stangers to bash on one another. and i joined this place cause it was real peaceful. and plus, this thread has been beaten down more times than a hooker.
  9. What you see as bashing, I see as spirited conversation. If anyone here really gets out of hand, myself or one of the other Forum Moderators will put a stop to it, but thus far other than a little petty rivalry and some pissing and moaning from a couple of members nobodies really gotten out of line yet.

    If we can keep it mature and informative it will stay open. If people are going to get petty and confrontational and purposely try to screw it into the ground, we’ll lock it down and the offenders will be dealt with!
  10. Who's "pissin & moaning"? Just curious...
  11. well, someone did say, "get Bent" but

    ok, i will trust what you say, i just dont want everyone around here like this, such as, if i have a question about my car, a heated debate stirrs up when i really need a quick answer. but, alrighty.
  12. Aren't we all supposed to be one big happy family? :shrug:
  13. Not gonna name any names, I'll just say I think the majority of us are all guilty of it at times. Nothing too malicious mind you, just vocalizing frustration more than anything. Nobodies ever been chastised on here for speaking their mind as long as they keep a civil tongue and keep the personal attacks at bay.

    If "get bent" is the worst comment you're read here then I'd say we Mods are doing our jobs just fine. ;)

    This is considered a Talk section, so the "off the cuff" general BS normally runs rampant. If you have any technical inquires with regards to your car that need to be answered in a serious or speedy manor, then I suggest you post them in the appropriate Tech section. The BS tends to be a little less “rank” over there. :D
  14. In the words of Rodney..."Cant we all just get along!!!"

  15. oh please, so i guess it's more like 12.5 years - cuz even if the car was made in early 95 (which it wasn't) it doesn't see too much wear and tear on the dealer floor:p

    And you can take your warranty and newer parts plus $5 and get a cup of coffee with it, cuz when you line the cars up it doesn't matter if it's an 09' or a 64.5' - what matters is what finishes first. I'm just saying if that's what your factoring - it can be done better for cheaper:flag:
  16. that seriously.........could not have been said better. and that is what matters. what finishes FIRST.
  17. Not without making compromises and in this case, it's lifespan. You're choosing to build an older car that’s now closer to the end of its life, than the beginning in order to fulfill your performance desires. And from that respect, since you’re starting with an aged vehicle, that’s already been devalued 13-years then sure you can duplicate, or exceed the performance of the newer model for less. But you’re still making sacrifices in order to do so. In this case it’s warranty, vehicle lifespan, reliability, general wear and tear and even resale value.

    But just because you’re willing to do it that way, doesn’t make it the right choice. It’s just simply a union of your personal preference combined with what you financial standing at a given point in time that makes your decision for you. When it comes right down to it though, from all practical standpoints, newer is still always the better choice! :canada:
    To you perhaps. I personally expect more from a car than just raw do most people!
  18. I'd take a Boss 302 with less power and more weight any day of the week. 12-13 years after the 60's a mustang was a old car and a bad investment.
    There's still 5.0 lovers who would never turn to OHC 4V's or 3V's much less 2V's. Not too many people give them crap. But as soon as you defend a OHC 2V (in this case even a Mach 1 now) a car that costs 4 times less your seen as just having a preference.
    Give me $20k right now and i wouldn't put it down on a 05/06 stang. Spend it on a car like a GTI that gets 30mpg and then spend the rest slowly building a mustang monster. Spending $24-$30k to go rather fast is not only not for everyone - it's often not logical compared to alternatives. You void that warranty when you do half the stuff people do on this site anyways.
    This thread was in the nature of speed/quickness - dont need a warranty or 6 month old parts to accomplish this. That's not a prefrence
  19. You've just exchanged the word "preference" for "priorities".....but it still boils down to the same thing. You choose performance over everything else. Like I said, that's fine for you because that's what you hold most important, but it's that train of thought that's still only allowing you to see half the picture....which is why you can't justify to spending the money, or a newer car to gain the additional benefits I stated above.

    You've basically stated that it's worth more to you too buy a car that revolves around your personal preference (in this case a particular model, or body style) and modify it in order to compete with what's available today. That's perfectly fine for you....I used to follow that train of thought. But eventually you'll grow to see that raw power and performance will be no less important (even less so in some cases) than reliability and refinement.

    And unfortunatley, the only way you're going to have your cake and eat it too is to pony up the cash and go with the newest car available. Any other time, you're going to sacrifice one thing, for another. Surely you have to recognize that?