How to make my stang beat 2005 gt ?

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  1. Right, i whole heartedly admit the S197's a better car is most every aspect. If someone said choose between a 05+ or my years or new edges or 5.0's i'd say give me the newest 05+ you can! But if i saved up $20k or i'm going to have to finance that and make payments, there's an inherent opportunity cost in buying a new car. In 8 years i'd say the same thing about the S197 as it being a better deal. My argument isn't car specific. Yes, this is only logical when considering performance and power - but you're repeatedly bringing up things like warranties, interior, and age of a car in a thread 7 pages full of discussions concerning performance. If you brought this up in another thread about which car to buy, i'd back you. And I have (refer to old thread where i back a 05+ over even a 03 cobra - I think maybe WhyAsk's thread). But if you want to buy a car for performance you're going to have to mod either car - for none are jaw droopingly fast stock. So might as well have a car with built internals, ported heads, suspension and FI before you even approach the price of a S197 - this is logic, not priorities. The motif of performance was set during the birth of this thread, not by me.
  2. The reason I brought up warranties, refinement, interior, etc was explained (to you particularly) several posts back when another member turned the direct of the thread and defined the Mach one as the “better built machine”. To me that’s nothing more than a blanked statement that should encompass all aspects of the vehicle, not just the ones viewed from a performance standpoint. As such, I thought it only fair to point out all of the two competing cars competing points, not just pitting the two against one and other from a strait line acceleration perspective and declaring one car an over all winner based on just that comparison alone!
    I guess it all depends on the level of performance you want or deem acceptable. You don't "have" to mod either car at all if sports car like performance right out of the gate is what you're after. Either car is capable of matching the top 20% of the cars on the road today in all of the performance fields.

    Building the engine, porting the heads, tweaking the suspension and adding forced induction is by no stretch of the imagination "logic" as you choose to describe it. It stems from a desire to exceed the factory performance. Not from the standpoint of a need, but from a desire, or a want. Anytime you deviate from the factory plan logic goes flying out the window and priorities take over.
  3. If you build a car that's as fast as a Corvette Z06 or Porshe 911 Turbo for 1/10th the price that's plenty logical. You explained to me why you addressed one person's post (out of hundreds) who said the Mach 1 was a better all around car. I didn't say that - so why are you interjecting it in a discussion about car performance. Niether did I say a straight line denotes performance, i said a race as in a starting line. How many types of performance tests have starting lines? I don't understand why you're arguing against aspects i dont bring up.
  4. It's for real and has been done by a member on this forum aswell. He even made an article about it that many people follow :)
  5. What makes building a fast car with an inferior design to start with logical? Is doing a big block drop into an '81 Chevette logical because it can outrun a Z06 or a Porche? That statement makes no sense?!? :bang:

    I’ll be the first to admit, building a fast car, for little money may be desirable and seem cost effective from purely a performance standpoint, but it's still the furthest thing from logical. Especially considering all of the other aspects of the vehicle you're giving up in the process.

    And what difference does it make why I addressed that persons particular post? Perhaps it was the fact that nobody else made such a reckless statement that needed answering. I realize you weren't the one that made the statement (and I never accused you of it), but you're also now the person who continually defines "performance" from a single perspective and chooses to ignore the fact that in order to reach the level of performance you seem to hold the S197 or better cars to, you need to make sacrifices and spend significant amounts of time and money along the way.

    I argue these aspect for just that reason.....because you refuse to bring them up. You leave them out of the equation! An equation that makes a point that everyone with a logical path of thought seems to understand and acknowledge. And that point is that comparing a vehicle as a whole is just as important if not more so that just comparing certain aspects of it. You can’t praise one vehicle for meeting expectations in a certain criteria, but ignore it’s faults in another when you’re making an objective comparison....and that’s exactly what you’re doing!
  6. You know quoting someone's mod list and then showing their Et and Trap Means nothing really. Should've quoted my old sig I had when i had the '00 GT then. Cuz i went [email protected] With 18's and street tires, full weight, and just exhaust. So you ran with MT's what i ran on a 18" street tire in a car slammed to the ground with less mods. Just saying, it proves nothing to quote a TERRIBLE driver who manages to run a modded Mach1 to a 13.7, thats honestly sad.
  7. I saw the link on a local forum (HoustonPerformanceDriving) though I believe you have to be a member to view the info so i'll copy/paste it over here. The member knows the guy so I don't believe there is a reason to doubt it.
  8. So your calling me a terrible driver now, because I ran a 13.7 in my Mach 1???Nevertheless on bald street tires, but thats what I ran the 1 time i went to the track...

    I too was slammed to the ground, road race suspension, full weight, heavy 18X10's, bald street tires, no tune, catted midpipe, catback, C&L maf, & no track experience whatsoever....

    I guarentee those times are going to change ASAP with my new mods....
  9. and yeah--HoustonGTs car was slammed and on heavy ass 18s. Saw it at HRP with my own eyes and was surprised :rlaugh:
  10. Lol, was talkin bout the other guy, but hey if you wanna use my post as encouragement to click off some 12 sec times, go right ahead :nice:
  11. Wait til you watch the 01 Cobra click off a 12.9x with just exhaust,4.10's, and a tire :rlaugh:
  12. Wait until the NPI auto isn't far behind the cobra :)
    We need to get a Stangnet HRP meet setup in the upcoming months.
  13. Oh sorry man, I thought u were referring to me!:D !! I will be in the 12's soon...I guarantee it!!! Im pretty sure my next trip to the track it will happen.... If not, I am a horrible driver...
  14. I'll predict a 13.001 for you :nice:
  15. No way... 12.9 @ least... I now have longtubes, no cats, tune, & I will be running some Nitto drag radials on stock 17X8's...:nice:

    There is a local dude with a Mach 1 that has a tune, electric water pump, off road x, catback, & K&N FIPK that runs 12.5 on MT ET streets....

    He also runs 11.4 on the bottle....
  16. Gear that son of a **** as soon as possible and you'll be running waaay better. Jump up to some 4.10's from those 3.55's and itll make a world of difference and make daily driving easier too. I roll around with the stock 3.27's in the Cobra that revs to 7k and i can't wait to get some 4.10's in a week or two and drop a good 1/2 sec off my ET on a Drag Radial.
  17. 4.10's are my next planned mod, after I get a new set of rear tires (still on the bald rears). Luckily this isnt my DD, so Im not too worried about daily driver issues....

    My buddy has an 01 Cobra vert & he recently went to 4.30's & WOW, what a HUGE difference....