How To Make The Saleen 475 Blower Whine Louder?

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  1. I think its called the 475 or the VI Saleen series blower. It comes on the 07-08 S281 sc cars. Anyway how do I get this thing to scream a little. It is almost silent!
  2. smaller pulley likely will do it
  3. not sure if you have a serpentine belt driving the blower or not, but if you do... get a gatorback belt. that added a lil extra whizzing sound to the kb. also, get a pulley. ;)
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  4. Newer blowers are more efficient than old Eatons, and as such aren't nearly as loud.

    That being said, porting and/or pulley-ing it would likely make it louder, although I'm not sure by how much.
  5. Smaller pulley #1. #2, don't know what intake you have, but the more free flowing it is, the more sound it lets out....
  6. Those benefit a lot from a lower pulley and a thump_RR tensioner, basic cold air kit
  7. Add 2 more mufflers....
  8. be honest the blower is pretty much silent ugh. That is only flaw with the car. Is that even a flaw lol?
  9. FWIW, we had a few blowers ported. Didn't do much unless you were really pulleying the hell out of it (2.75/15% cars) which really should be an aftermarket blower at that point.

    Don't upgrade the exhaust, pulley and CAI if you want the sound.
  10. You need to create more back pressure, a lot people I know get a smaller exhaust when they get a turbo.