How to make the V6 LOUDER??????

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  1. What else can I do, I've gotten the Magnaflow dual exhaust, MMR throttle body spacer, AEM INTAKE....what else can i do for volume and growl? What do headers do, add HP, make it louder...? What about an X or H pipe? What do these things do...add HP or sound?

  2. H pipe, if that is not loud enough, ProChamber, if that dosent cut it.....headers!!!!!
  3. prochamber AND headers :)
  4. My shop is thinking delta flows and if that to high pitched the add some resonators. I am wanting a deep tone. What I want is like my 99 GT with flows. Sounds stock while idieling but got real loud when stood on it.
  5. H-Pipe without cats, and headers will make it louder.


    The internet is crazy... :eek:

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  6. hey look at that, thats from the RAZZI site right?
  7. Sure is, looks great! I like the hood stripe. :nice:
  8. does anyone have pictures of an h pipe or x pipe setup on our cars.
  9. how about get a GT?? There is no replacement for displacement, just make the jump to a GT.. i did :)

  10. I agree, I remember the rumble of my old 5.0 and miss it. However it is what it is, these guys have 6's and they want to improve on it. And regardless of what engine you have, a H pipe will always help with duals for deeper sound.
  11. yeah but my question is what are you (not you specifically ;) ) going to do when some other sports car (ie a camaro or supra or something comparable) pulls up and spanks the living daylights out of you because they thought it was a GT with all the badging be it on the street or the strip.... now with that said I just sold my 97 v6 and i had every bolt on i could find on it while keeping it N/A and it ran in the mid 14's on a good day but i put SOOOO much money into and now that i have a GT i regret wasting money on upgrades when that money couldve been spend on a v8 instead of a v6. Take your sig for example... you are proud that your V6 has that much power (congrats, but still less than a stock GT) but look at all the time and money you had to put into it (judging by your sig) when you couldve used that to pay for a GT... that is what pushed me over the V6 Edge... i reached my limit and realized it wasnt worth it... I am sure i am going to get flamed for this post and await the responses but it is just my .02 as a former V6 Owner....:nice:
  12. Fair enough, I can see where you are comming from. I really can, I used to have a V8. Honestly, for me, I didn't plan on modding my 6 at all, and insurance wise the 8 would have killed me, because at the time, I had my neice on my insurance. Well, since then she has left, and my financials are returned to normal. I actually just paid of my 6, which is why I'm going mod crazy!

    Now, in my area, there is a huge huge mark up on GT's and I refuse to pay a 8K plus markup. Its really sick, and there is no x plan options here. Also, the 4.0 is a bit of a different beast than the 3.8. I've seen 4.0's with only 2k of mods (includes tires, rims mild appearance) hit 208 RWHP. Looking at my sig, you would be suprised to know I am still over 2k less than a GT. Now, hind sight 20/20 I could have drove 4 hours south and picked one up for cheap, but this is the now and at the time I bought my car, it was the peak for the new stang sales. You would be suprised on some of the deals I got on my mods.

    Finally, everything I did to my 6, I would have done to a 8. So given that, price wise I am better of. This is my first 6, I never thought I would have gotten hooked on it. But its kinda different making a 6 perform vs. a 8. After modding this 6, I can now understand why the import guys are so proud of thier rides when they run a 12 or 13 or even less. All of the V8 guys at my shop are cool to me, and suprised by how this little 6 is performing and holding up.

    For me, my goal with this car has nothing to do with a GT. It has to do with me, personalizing my ride, and beating a stock 350z. LOL. Which I think I can. We will find out this track season.

    And lastly, I only race on the track. I have a family to worry about, so why put in a SC, a 8 or a TC knowing it will get me in trouble. But if thats your cup of tea, no problem. Good luck on posting kill stories on stang net in regards to street racing.

    I love mustangs, and I love personalizing them. I will always be addicted to them, regardless of engine size.
  13. Also, I got V6 badges all over my car. I got the running pony's on the fender, and the 4.0 on the rear deck lid. Funny thing with my bumpers was one month owning this car, my parking garage at work crashed the front bumper. Paid me a check that nearly covered my Casco bumpers and tires.

    EDIT: You bring up a good point, I just realized my sig wasn't updated here. LOL. I did a thread on my emblem install, stripes and wing. Updated now. Thanks. :nice:
  14. not all those comments were directed at you, they just happened to be in the same post... it was more or less just the opinion i have gathered from various stangnet forums and other websites (ie where people buy brand new stangs and dress them up to look like GT's. Personally i will NEVER Go back to a V6 regardless of price even though my insurance doubled, i will be happier in the long run knowing that there are way way more options for performance adders for a v8 than a v6.. I got so frustrated with my 6 because i would look through various car mags (MM&FF mainly) and wonder where all the v6 stories and parts specials were... and i only raced her on the strip, not the street. and as you know there is no replacement for displacement and i meant no harm in my posts.. just observations....
  15. My car goes 13.4 and that's an old number... should be even better this spring! A stock GT will be lucky to hit the published 13.5... Look at the Drag Times website and you see stock GT's in the UPPER 13's... So let's agree that I'm faster than a stock GT.. And there is no STOCK Camaro that's going to spank me... an SS maybe a close race... but like I said... come spring I should be more like 13.3 or 13.2...

    Now lets look at cost... Even if you count at all my appearance mods and mistakes, I'm just now getting to what it would have cost me to get a stock GT... If I had stuck with just performance mods it would have been a lot cheaper.. So as my car sits right now, the cost is about the same as a stock GT would have cost me...

    You mention that Rygen has less HP than a stock GT... remember Rygen has an automatic... A stock GT automatic is between 260 to 270 RWHP... Rygen is above that... Rygen also has the Zex N20 kit like I do... Now take a look at the following dyno sheets...

    This compares my RWHP (red llines) vs a stock GT automatic RWHP (blue lines). Notice while the GT has more peak RWHP, I have a lot MORE HP down low.... I have a lot more usable HP....

    Next... Take a look at the Torque numbers we get with the N20... Remember... Torque is what sits your a$$ back in the seat and get's you off the line!


    Now these are actually OLD dyno sheets... we have made some improvements since then...

    And finally.... I have a very unique, personalized car... sure the resale value is about ZERO.. but I don't care! This car is my own creation! There is not one like it in the world! LOL! If I had gotten the GT more than likely it would still be 100% stock.... LOL!


    See.. No flames...

  16. Its cool man. I'm not taking offense, just responding cause I know several others went the same route I did i.e. never intended to mod the 6. I think you are being cool and just posing questions. You are right, no replacment for displacement.

    And you are right, the mags never give the 6 some stage time unless its some insane supersix project car running in the 10's. But this 6 is getting more air time than the 3.8. Shelby put out a 350hp version of it, Vortech and Procharger came out with systems, the mags are doing some 6 articles and the v6 parts are slowly creeping into the mags. I think this time around, the 6 may suprise you. It certainly suprised my mechanic when he came back from the test drive after the Zex install. He said "this car will be the crap out of a stock GT or lightly modded!". He was shocked at the TQ my car was pumping out.
  17. ah your car is very original and i am not knocking that and my 06 GT is very stock although once she gets here i have a mac axleback exhaust waiting for her but she will remain mostly stock for a while but again in the long run it comes down to all show and no go or no show and all go, or a happy meadium... not to say your numbers arent impressive for a 6 but just imagine the possibilities if you had a GT and waited a few more months to make those same upgrades on a GT....
  18. plus the money it takes to fill that bottle will start to add up over time... regardless if you just use it on the strip on the weekends ;)
  19. btw GO STEELERS! i saw you are a steelers fan from your site.. i am from Pittsburgh, but havent been back in a long time...
  20. scrming you have a very nice and detailed site as well.. how hard was it to get those stripes on? i was thinking about getting the black shelby stripes as well but was curious about how hard it would be...