How to make the V6 LOUDER??????

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  1. I get my N20 very very cheap... $2.50 a pound.... Figure maybe 8 to 10 bottles a most... plus like I said... look at the Torque curve I get from the N20!!
  2. Like Rygen, GT's around here are not cheap... I could have easily afforded a GT.. but I just REFUSE to pay MSRP or ABOVE! With the x-plan I got my V6 for $1800 UNDER invoice... I also had no plans to mod my car! It just sort of happened! LOL! I had a 2002 GT Vert... Triple Black.... I'm have a LOT more fun with this V6!!! LOL!

  3. Right on!!!! Thank you.

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  4. My bottle costs are very close to that as well. Only slightly more.
  5. 1. My insurance would have doubled.
    2. I drive it everyday.
    3. As you can see from my sig I have mostly appearence mods, some HP, but not much. I am not a racecar driver, street racer or dragster. I just like my cars to look good.
    4. When someone pulls up to me revving their engine I just laugh because thier trying to fufill thier fantasies of bieng the race car driver they always dreamed about.
    5. Why didnt you buy a FORD GT, its faster than a Mustang GT,if you wanna go that route, a Lambo is faster than you Mustang GT, why didnt you buy that, and is it foolish of you to MOD your Stang GT, cause theirs always a faster car.

    When I get to the point in my life where I want a fast play car, I will get a big engined beast, but for now as my daily/primary driver, the six is the answer.

    besides, I'm in the military, you guys are paying for all my mods with taxes, haahahahahahaha jokes on you, thanks for the CAI!
  6. No problem, thank you for serving our country. :flag:
  7. :rolleyes:
    mute points.. im going to end this before it turns into a major 6 v. 8 flamer again....

    BTW, for the average person a Ford GT is not affordable and to each their own.. i took the plunge and bought a GT because i was tired of hitting brick walls when it came to performance... btw in case you are all wondering here are some pics of the stang i so dearly took care of for the last 5 years... BTW i am in the military as well, if you want to go that route :p



  8. I understand your decision, and like I said, I understand your points. Your old stang is quite the beauty. What was she pushing to the rear wheels when you sold her?
  9. hard to tell... blew my 97 engine but luckily found a complete 94 v6 here in the UK for 150 pounds (about 300 dollars) and had that put in back in january so it is hard to tell.... when she had the 97 in i would venture a guess at around 250 RWHP and about 300 RWTQ....
  10. If my points are mute to you than why do you care if I have a V6.
    Go away.

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  11. :nonono: to be honest i could care less... you gotta flaunt what you got... if you got no go and all show then i guess you flaunt that... if you got all go and no show then you flaunt that... i am not dissing anyone but just imagine if you had some go to go with all that show.... i think you would think differently if you have a throaty v8 to listen to rather than post on how to make the v6 sound louder... but then again to each their own. :flag:
  12. well I see it this way, my car can smoke 90 percent of the rice burner's out there. so I'm good with that.
    besides, its not like 210 HP is slow anyway
  13. well if your happy with 90% then :nice: :p
  14. Moot points you mean. Nice looking car, except for the missing carpet and unpainted hood. :D I would have bought a GT except I wasn't going to pay an extra $10000, which is what it would have been. Congrats on getting the GT. Hope you enjoy it. :nice:
  15. What were you all quoted for for the GT?? i got mine for 31,000 including overseas shipping.... Thanks for the compliment and it has black carpet in it now....
  16. I got mine for 21000, and have out around 5000 into it. THe GT's were 31000 and up when I was looking, I would still have wanted to do the mods I've done with the V6. therefore there would be no way I could afford it. So I had to sacrifice 90 HP, big deal, I already made about 20 HP of it up already.
  17. Exactly, I got my V6 Premium for $20,000 with the X-Plan. They wouldn't do the X-Plan for the GT.

    So you're keeping the V6? That's cool.

  18. Yes, this is my point. In certain areas in the states, the mark up is massive. Now did you get yours through USAA? If so, you probably got it close to dealer cost. Another recent change in my life, I found out my USAA membership was good for life, so I'm back on it and will purchase my next car through them.
  19. 8000 mark up here also. Ford is the ones doing this I think. They arent pumping out the GTs like they did before. I went to the dealership and they had 8 v6 cars 2 GTs. when they 05s came out they had 6 cobras left over from 04. I havent seen 6 GTs on the lot at once now. As far as trying to look like a GT only thing I was wanting to do is duals and fog lights only because I like the look, not trying to fool anyone for sure.
  20. Yea, nothing wrong with fogs and duals. There is nothing original about those and nothing technically that ties it to a GT or any car for that matter.

    But I also know from a source at Ford that Ford is pissed about the markup. In the end, it is hurting sales and Ford is very frustrated with the dealerships doing it. I got this from a reliable source.