35th Anniv How to make your hardtop 35th into a convertible!

Discussion in 'Special Production' started by 6T9_CHARGER_RT, May 26, 2011.

  1. In a few easy steps :rlaugh:

    Won a hardtop Performance Red 1:18 off ebay for a decent price...$12!
    The convertibles are pretty hard to find so...I made my own:D

    I also bought a "base" red 99 'vert a while back new in the box. Looking at the hard top, it looked like most of the convertible stuff would fit but how to get rid of the hardtop roof?
    taking the car apart revealed that the roof was molded separately and was rivited onto the body.

    Removing the roof revealed some raw diecast metal that just needed some Performance Red touch up paint...the convertible boot goes "inside" the car & doesnt cover this area

    You also need to remove the windshield assy from the donor car (its all plastic including the pillar posts....which also need touch up paint to match)

    Heres the interior & chassis waiting for the roofless body...

    Screwed it all back together & viola .... A convertible 35th Anniversary LE 1:18th


  2. Good idea, been wanting to do it myself. I have a white coupe that I would love to make into vert. I have a donor black LE vert, but don't see how to take front of body off of car. Where are the fasteners?
  3. You need to take the rear axle set up off first (2 screws)

    In rear wheel wells there is 1 screw on each side (visible when you take rear axle assy off)

    There is 1 more screw hidden under the trans assy...the trans case & exhaust assy seperate to reveal the screw

    Front susp does not have to come off....

    Good luck!
  4. Thanks, I did figure it out , but had to go out. As soon as I came home I rushed to finish it. Looks good, thanks for the idea. Also good looking Charger!
  5. Ha thats great! Now you just need to paint the windshield frame white to match....

    PS--thanks for the kind words!
  6. Sharp eyes, never thought about windsheld frame, will have to paint it now. Anyone know if all the LE models were manual shifter?
  7. Cool swap. I never knew the 35th anniversary cars had the '01-04 wing. Or I guess that's really the other way around. ;)

  8. The 1/18th scale models were all manual.

  9. Actually the wing is "Limited" model specific. It has a flat top and the 01-04's have a character line that runs the length of the spoiler.

  10. Hate to revive an old thread, but it would be awesome if you could paint the wheels with the DSG color inserts they had from the factory.
  11. I know. The wheels are the only thing off on the 1/18. Oh well.
  12. Oh yeah??? Let see ya put the top up! :D