How To: MSD Launch Master Installation.

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  1. See you've got a line lock in you have an installation guide for that as well?
  2. Thanks Tim! :nice: :SNSign:
  3. On a scale of 1-10, how easy would you say the line lock and rev limiter installations are?
  4. 1 easy 10 hard

    line lock - 4
    2 step - 3

    Neither are really hard, but the line lock takes more time than you'd think.
  5. well no what i'm saying is when i pull up to the lanes i rev it up to about 4k and dump the clutch in second to do my burn out, then when i pull up and stage i rev it to about 3500 to launch.

    when going to do the burn out it would limit me to 3500 if i'm understanding correctly. so thats why i want to wire a switch so i can turn it off and rev it higher to do the burn out, then flip the switch for the launch, but still use the reed switch on the clutch pedal.

    i know confusing and making a simple thing too complicated. i think too much. hah.:D
  6. Oh ok. I got ya. You would just put a 2 way toggle switch inline before the reed switch then.
  7. just ordered the reed switch from that site you posted that you got it from, now i'm looking for the fuseable link that i would need

    i am pretty clueless so what would you recommend for a fuseable link? i am going to radioshack now to buy the wiring and the crimp ring terminals. i plan on ordering my 2 step tomorrow after i cash my check.
  8. i ordered the 2 step tonight. got it from jegs so it should be here i'd say tues or wens. they are usually pretty quick.

    what size fuseable link did you use?
  9. ok i'll have to go pick one of them up today, a advanced auto just opened up around the block a few months ago.

    any size fuse in particular? i tried looking on the MSD instructions but i didn't see any thing about adding a fusible link, is this just something you did as an extra precaution?
  10. I am in the process of re-wiring my entire nitrous electrical setup.
    I have added a 2 Step to the equation.
    It is not complete nor has it been tested, but this is the way I set up the 2 Step and Line Lock.

    I have separate toggle switches for the 2 Step and the Line Lock.
    Each switch supplies the positive to the individual device.
    I have a Hurst pistol grip shifter with a micro switch that is wired to ground.
    This supplies ground to both devices.

    So this is how it should work.
    When I do my burnout, I will turn the Line Lock toggle switch on and hold down the micro switch.
    When I am staged I will turn on both toggle switches and hold down the micro switch.
    This will engage both the Line Lock and the 2 Step.
    When the last yellow flashes I release the micro switch and away we go.

    Does my logic make sense ?
  11. ok so the reed switch will get here after the 2 step.

    can i wire up a regular toggle switch tomorrow when hte 2 step gets here and then when the reed gets here at the end of the week just swap it over? or will i have a problem driving with the toggle. i don't plan on using it till this weekend but i have plans for the end of the week so i wanna try to make it a quick job.

    i'll leave extra wiring slack so i can reach it to the clutch pedal when the reed switch gets here.
  12. Sounds ok to me. Won't know till you try it.

    I think you should be ok. Just keep the toggle switch off until you get the reed switch.
  13. ugh. went to install today. no good.

    the light stays on but will not limit the rev. and it seems to have a slight miss. when i just plug in normal it seems fine.

    i can even unplug the add a fuse and the light stays lit.

    i didnt clip the other wire incase i needed t oswitch my wiring around, could this of caused it?
  14. I'm not sure. I'm not good at diagnosing remotely. Have you tried switching the wiring harness on the 2 step?
  15. just an update. i got it to work and the car has been sitting to let it dry so the reed switch will stick. in probably a half hour or so i'll go out and try it out and make sure they didnt fall or anything. they seemed to be pretty good.

    my problem was the way i routed my wiring it wasn't long enough to reach the clutch pedal. i added another wire to the end of the white and blue, and it wouldn't work. i guess the wiring i have is screwed up or something, cause i tried the blue wire from the MSD unit and it worked great.

    now i have it routed to a hole under the master cylinder and it reached perfectly. actually had quite a few inches to spare.

    cant wait to test it out. got it set to 4200 now.