How To Not Really Trash A Mustang. Part 1.

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Do you think the aftermarket head/tail lights look good on a mustang?

  1. No

  2. Yes

  1. Tasteful, or awful. There really isn't a fine line. I'm curious as to the opinions of the common concensus (for those that choose to participate) as to whether the below "mods" are acceptable:

    Feel free to add to the list:

    #1. Chinese tail lights. Any.
    Typically poor fitment,....cheese bag wire, short term life span.​
    #2. Chinese headlights. Any.
    See #1.​
  2. 2013-5-10.jpg No bueno.
  3. In your Cobra? Stock, or nothing!

    That said, I've got a set of diamond ultra clears in my Fox body and they look pretty darn good.

    Projector lights look good in nothing though.
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  4. I don't have a Cobra. What ever gave you that idea?
  5. Love my clear fronts :nice:
  6. Then you should make your choice in the poll.
    I'm thinkin' that would be a yes for the chinee then?
  7. I feel the poll is too broad, almost like congress lumping bills
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  8. You know, I am torn. I already voted that I dont like Chinese crap on Mustangs, but I always liked my ultra clear headlights with silverstar bulbs and amber corners...


    Not a fan of aftermarket tail lights I guess.
  9. Probably the multiple threads you whored that big yellow thing out on? :shrug:

    Did you get rid of it already?!? :scratch:

    Ok....just went through your 11-page thread. Seems the Cobra has come and gone. In which case, I'll say the headlights you're planning to install, depend on what you plan on installing them in. Modern cars can get away with modern headlights. Older cars for the most part can not. IMO
    BTW....did you delete your imageshack account? None of your pics even from this summer seem to be working? I'd still love to introduce your Magasquirt project to our Tech section if you can get the pics up and running again.
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  10. Yeah it's going to turn into a down w china thing. Everything is made in china damn near, just the world we live in.
  11. Is he Asian???
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  13. But as far as likes and dislikes: just keep er classy, don't stray too far from stock: no big-azz wings, "fast n furious" body kits etc
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  14. ?
  15. Ah was making a joke but guess I missed the mark
  16. Sorry, I just didn’t want to seem redundant with my reply. :shrug:

  17. Ha touché . You know I almost replied, "could you be more specific?"
  18. No actually,...I have no plans to install any after market version of either in my car. I just chose the new thread option, (as opposed to voicing my opinion in somebodies else's) to air my disgust for how ugly, cheesy, and ill fitting one piece headlights are.

    There is something going on w/ that stupid image shack account. I was just looking for pictures in it yesterday that I didn't delete that have all of the sudden disappeared. (Probably some Chinese Communist Pro Fox Cheese Bag One Piece HeadLight Cyber-Terrorist, screwing w/ my imageshack account because I think their headlights suck):rolleyes:

    I will rebuild another Megasquirt this winter again. This'll be #3 for me. (Maybe I'll actually get to use this one, before I bail on the project and sell it.)