How To Not Really Trash A Mustang. Part 1.

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Do you think the aftermarket head/tail lights look good on a mustang?

  1. No

  2. Yes

  1. Of all the things from the Chinese aftermarket used on our cars, nothing says fast and furious quite like a set of LED tails, or one piece H/L's. So to be clear, I wasn't bashing the Chinese aftermarket across the board, Just the items in the poll.
  2. But then, considering you like that body style.......automatically cancels your vote.:hide:
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  3. Oh black wheels, I forgot to mention black wheels- mustang ruined.
  4. Remember boys, this guy's certified
  5. Good thing I don't have a Mustang then.
  6. ....and I'm beginning to think that you're certifiable :stick:
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  7. Says the guy building a Futura... To each his own they say, whoever they are.
  8. ^^^^ya'll crackin' me up :rlaugh: