How to "OWN" a firebird...

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  1. Whazzzzz aaaaaaa!
    Bustin out da boost in a mad fury yo!
    Kickin it OG style in da hood wit da fellas
    ole punk azz G wana play me so it be goin down like dis:

    LOL, I won by about a foot and ran a 12.5x @ 109

    Four cylinder yo! Four cylinder.

    Gota represent dog!

  2. 12.5?!?!?! Holy crap! Good times man. Have you dynoed it or anything lately?
  3. word up! thats fo****zle you reedin me foo? a 12.5 @109 lord almighty save us all! Im sure u coulda pulled a 12.4/3 if u had the same start as that that bird got fired alright ;O) nice work :nice:
  4. what mods do you have?
  5. i4: naw, I haven't dyno'd it lately. I'm probably pretty sure that the air/fuel raito is so lean that it'd make me cry.

    Wood: skrait up dog! You see him redlight? hehehe


    piece owt yo!

  6. Weak, no video Proof of the time?? I believe you, but it sucks not having the time display on tape. :notnice:

  7. LOL they censored for-sure-zul?
  8. Yep, it sucks for sure.
    you can time it with a watch if ya like.

    I have a crappy run from last night where I spun bad off the line, did a 2.0 60 ft time and ran a 12.79 @ 109

    The next run (the one I posted first), I ripped out of the hole with a 1.69 60 ft time.

    She ran alright, but was popping a little through the gears.
    I blew a plug at the fourth run and limped home.

    sorry about the quality, Greg the camera man, didn't know that tire smoke and fog would kill the auto focus.
  9. lol was that a prelude next too you? you better put a big wing on to keep up with him ....that 17.33@ 67mph is pretty dang fast
  10. I don't know what car that is. :shrug:

    This run, I found out tonight that I broke both intake and exhaust rockers in half. I found them today laying inside the valve cover.

    I wanted to beat that damn ricer and laugh at him. He was in the staging lanes on his cell phone telling someone about how he couldn't believe that he just ran some crazy time. :mad:

    I blew past him and then broke when I hit third. :bang:

    I pulled a 1.70 60ft time on this launch. Not my best, but not that bad.
  11. Sorry to hear that, when are you going to get her back up and running?
  12. my gosh, u took that dodge to u were coasting and he was still having a hard time keepingup ;o) On your site, it never showed u doing a roller cam/roller rockers, like 99% of everyone else on SN...maybe its time eh? or if u did mabye its time to look into some esslinger high grade rockers? sorry to hear about the stang, cant wait to see her back and better than ever :p
  13. hehe, the guy in the SRT-4 which was talking on his cell phone?
  14. huh? I meant the yellow car. That dude.
    I'm just pickin on them for fun. :D
  15. Yea, I remember when everyone and their grandmother was recommending the ranger roller cam for "performance". I came onto turboford way back when and started a huge ****ing fest when I said that the ranger cam was smaller than a stock cam. It is.

    I have a ranger cam and followers sitting in my house. I think it might be time to use it, but then again, I don't really want such a small cam.
    I think I'll slap a couple of followers on there to see if I still have compression and then if everything's good, I'll try to find a cam that has a lot of lift for cheap.
  16. I could have her running tonight with 2 new followers, but I'm not in a rush. I might seek out a cam.

    I might hit 11's with a large enough cam!! Wouldn't that be crazy!?!?
  17. cool Mike! Sorry for the mechanicals.

    That's the first time I've seen vid of your cars on the track. Looked great!
  18. yeah, thats a neon SRT-4
  19. Really??

    That thing ran a high 13 if I remember right. I'll have to get the time slips from the warehouse tonight and check.
    I know I ran a mid 14 when I broke and he was like a second ahead of me.
    I wanted to show him what a 12 second car looks like pulling away from him. lol.
  20. Damn I knew I should have gone out there Friday. I've been dying to see your car run since I found your website about a year ago. I saw it in the best buy parking lot once but that's not near as cool. Anyone on here that hasn't seen this guys website is missing out. :nice: