How to "OWN" a firebird...

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  1. yep in stock form there like low 14, possible 13 stock. put like 220-230 to the ground
  2. man mike that firebird was with a lead off and a against a 2.3 dead stop. That was great!
  3. Damn, I should've posted saying I was going! But I decided too late in the day to let anyone know.
    It's always awesome to meet 2.3 people!

    When the track opens back up, I'll be there!
  4. yea, that was a good race.
    I'm sure he had his problems shifting, but I was popping and sputtering all the way down the track, so, junk against junk, he got beat!

    He redlighted with a -.042
    I slept on the line with +.454

    He ran a 12.838 @ 108.8

    We met at the far end basically wheel-to-wheel.

    If you add it all up, that would mean that I ran a 12.384 @ 109

    But like I said, the clocks werent working after the 60 ft time, so I can't say I actually ran a 12.34. I'm really pissed at that. It would've been my best time to date.
    It felt strong too.

    But it usually runs in the 12.5's @ 109 so, that's what I can claim on this run since I have no proof that it actually did a 12.30.

    Like I said, i'm not happy about the clocks not working. :mad:
  5. need that puppy dyno'd before and after the cam (so i know if i want to change the lift on mine ;)) Just looking at the slider cam vrs the roller cam(ranger) the (slider)lobe's look like it would provide more lift, but* the roller cam has less area to travel due to the rollers standing Higher than a slider rocker. Also the lobes are not as wide, but in reality how much does that matter? its hitting a roller that provides less friction and doenst need the extra surface area to mash it down. For a cheap fix i think the ranger cam/followers would be good Upgrade, if u want to spend the money on more radical cam u could always swap it later (after your done being our testing dyno dummy :p ...OHC is a beautiful thing :flag:
  6. I found a place that sells custom grinds for our motors.
    I was quoted around 290 bucks for a .527 lift 227 degree roller with new springs.
    Check 'em out.
    I'm going to the metal shop tomorrow to get some 1 3/4" pipes for the new Volvo header. I can't see myself paying 300 bucks for a cam and then another 100 bucks for an adjustable pulley, when the volvo head is almost complete. :flag:
  7. seriously, put the money where the most gain is going to be...your car would be scary with a dohc...its already too fast , lol who am i kidding, its never fast enough ;)
  8. That was a strange launch on the second video (against the prelude).

  9. Oh, I forgot to ask. How is that volvo head going?
  10. What makes you say that? :p

    I counted more than 10 full rotations of the tire when I dumped the clutch.

    It hooked, broke free, then hooked again after spinning for a few seconds.
  11. *grumble* it's not.

    I'm gona have to buy a tig welder and do it myself. I can't keep throwing money at the welder to have all this stuff welded together.

    I think for the mean time, I'll buy a Tec3 and a huge cam, maybe some additional injectors and have fun.
    Gona send my spare motor to the shop and have it bored out for some new ultra lite pistons, rods, have the crank turned and balanced, and sit down with a spare cylinder head and take some anger out by porting the hell out of it and throwing some Fererra undercut stainless valves and titanium retainers in.

    That should be good enough to bust off a mid 11 pass.

    What cha think.
  12. I think you should write a book about shadetree performance engineering. I'd realy like to meet you, are you still in this neck of the woods? I deliver Pizza for Gumby's NW I don't know if you're in the area but if you are order and ask for "Warwagon".
  13. unless u like welding, careful with your anger porting (if its a turbo head, exhuast side) those bumps to the left contain a wealth of water jakets....aka pain the buttttttt to fix. dont ask ;)
  14. :lol: yeah it was. what happend it griped, spun and griped again?

    sweet car though dude, madd props to u! :nice:
  15. Move to cali and bring your stang, ill let you barrow my ark or my oxy ;) i think thats a reasonable motive to move ....(ok ok ok, i admit it..i just want to see the car in person :cool: )
  16. I want it!

    Good show SVOR :nice:

  17. Yea, I don't think I'll ever port another Iron head. It sucks so bad. I can't stand the tiny shards and slivers of Iron that are like glass in my clothes and shoes, socks, etc.
    Aluminum rules.
    Volvo head or bust!
  18. Yep, that's exactly what happened. Look here:

  19. LOL, I don't think I can ever leave the East coast. The water in the keys is just too clear, the florida springs are picture perfect, the gainesville raceway is right down the road..... :D
    I do get to fly out to Cali now and then for work. I was in San Jose not too long ago BS'ing with some turbo people.
  20. Thanks!

    How many people wana see what a ranger roller cam does for performance?
    I'm thinking about slapping it in my car and seeing if it makes my car go any faster.