How to "OWN" a firebird...

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  1. Finally your talking some sence! GO for it :nice:
  2. lol, naw, I'm talkin' CENTS! hehe

    Anybody got a set of roller springs to donate? lol
  3. I'm pretty sure the stock roller springs are the same as the sliders.
  4. Well, I can't see myself using them if they are.
    My springs have like a 70 lb closed seat pressure. Rollers are usually in the 120's.
  5. mike what is you web site
  6. You can click the little "www" under my posts, or,
    you can click this:
  7. hmm, interesting there is a differnce in spring rate between the roller setup and slidder? I used my stock slider springs with my roller cam + roller rockers, seems to work just fine, i have taken it too 6k quite a few times...though im not sure i have exsperince vavle float, which would be the only thing i could think of as a draw back to using stock slidders springs. Is that a deffinate fact ?
  8. No, there's not a difference on the stock roller and slider cams...his are just worn out.
  9. I think your wrong there.

    I'm showing different part numbers for the roller's springs and the slider's springs.

    Roller cams ALWAYS have higher pressure springs than a slider or flat tappet cam.

    look it up.
  10. Go ask TurboRay on TF about the cams...he's the one that spec'd em out. I'd go dig up the thread with the measured specs but I don't have time right now.

    Springs could be different...I don't know on that...I just know the slider springs work just fine up to 6250.

  11. I would never recommend that to anyone.

    The difference in weight between the slider followers and the roller followers is big. The roller followers are a lot heavier than the sliders.
    Plus the fact that the cam profiles are totaly different.

    You need more seat pressure for the roller cam.

    I wouldn't even take the chance.

    Call up anywhere and ask them about it.
  12. I find this interesting, i guess a turbo setup puts more stress on the motor, but my n/a has been running stock slider springs with my ranger cam + roller follower for almost a year now without trouble....luck?
  13. You still have hydro lifters probably. That makes it harder to tell when the valves are clatering sometimes.

    A turbo application definetly needs higher spring pressure.
    If you have a stock 70 psi spring seat pressure, then put 25 psi of boost to it, it makes the spring seat pressure drop to 45 psi closed pressure. Not good.

    That's why I'm popping and spiting going down the track.
  14. could this be a reason why my motor won't rev past 3500 and is running like crap, and running like it's rich, build boost in nuetral, and shooting flames into the turbo?
  15. among other things....sounds like a circus act :jester: maybe you shouldnt have put that nitrogliseren in the tank!
  16. :bang: