Engine How To Plug Hole On Intake...

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  1. Hey guys I broke a metal vacuum line on my GT)40 p intake. It broke at intake what can I use to fill the ho

  2. :jester:
  3. Serious answer, drill, tap and a brass plug wrapped in white PTFE tape.
    Possible answer, steel bearing two part epoxy, like JBWeld. The temp changes may not be the best for it but that is what it is made for.
    Silly answer on how "to fill a ho", not printable. Go ask Dad.
  4. That movie and space balls has some great one-liners

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  5. This.
  6. WOW!!! should have thought that question through a little more...and thanks for the info 7991LXnSHO
  7. Lol
  8. No problem. It is why I hang out here.