HOW TO: Port and polish heads at home in under a day....

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    Some people need to be shot. Multiple times.
  2. OMG you got to be kidding me I'm so going to go try that right now....haha
  3. read this a few years ago, still funny tho
  4. That has to be a "Spoof" I don't think there is anyone really that stupid, but it is funny.
  5. Yeah, it's a joke;)
  6. I'd like to think no one would be that ignorant.
  7. Lol, that would be hilarious. Audi's arent cheap now a days....
  8. haha that is insane, and I though extrude honing was done that way by forcing abrasive material thru a head or intake.
  9. OMFG true or not, what a moron:rlaugh:
  10. fake but funny still

    i like the one where the guy with the s2000 actually drilled into his valve cover to install his nitrous squirters :rlaugh:
  11. W/o stupid people, we would have no one to make fun of...........

    On a side note, the s2000 guy probally shouldn't be allowed to breed. We don't need anyone that damn dumb.. :D
  12. I know a guy that ported his intake successfully with acid. But didn't involve doing it with it attached to the engine.
  13. that made my morning.
  14. LoL made my day.
  15. Wonders what Eric was doing on Audi forums...

  16. Wait, was he ON acid and ported the intake or did he port the intake using acid? Seems like two completely different sets of results! :rlaugh:
  17. He ported the intake using acid. Kind of a cool idea because of the consistancy and depth of penetration where its difficult to get the grinder.