how to post pics on threads

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  1. How do you post a pic on here?
  2. Host the image online somewhere, even here as an attachment.
    Get the URL of the image.
    Wrap the url with img tags like this:


    (no spaces above)

    Does that help?

    Furthermore....quote this very post, as I have an example within.

  3. If I can chime in here.
    too much work!!!!
    and half of that stuff you just said is completely greek to me.

    Im involved in many other forums, that are set up just like this one, but posting a pic is so easy on those sites, click on browse and attach.
    when I try to on Stangnet , it says image size excedes the limit??? when im taking the photos I have it set on the smallest image size etc...

    someone here (stangnet) needs to up the image size or change something so everybody can post pics.:shrug:
  4. how do you shrink something from 740kb to 74kb so it will post?
  5. Guys, this is classic tech... not tech support for your computer problems. I don't want to be mean here but have you tried Google ? The reason there is a file size limit on atachments is because Stangnet would have to host those files and that would take up space. Furthermore everyone would download those images every time they view the thread which would waste Stangnet's bandwith and drive up the monthly cost of operation. I like the fact that this site is free don't you ?
  6. I think we're speaking for allot of people who'd love to post pics but are unable to.
  7. finally

    woo hooo I figured it out!
  8. thanks Rusty (Strongbad)
    believe it or not I figured it out...............I think
  9. MOG this thread is sad