How to put car on jackstands?

Discussion in 'Fox 5.0 Mustang Tech' started by Mavrick, Dec 14, 2003.

  1. Sounds like a stupid question.. but what is the best way to lift the front end of the stang to put jack stands under there?

    I was planning on lifting the rear by the dog bone, sound good?

  2. just use the subframe for the front.
  3. For both sides? What about lifting the front by the oil pan using a piece of wood on the jack?
  4. What are you planning on doing??? If your crawling under it I, personally, would want more than one jack in the middle of the car. The ONLY time i've ever done it the way you describe was to lift the engine up enough to undo the motor mounts. I don't think you'd want to lift the car off the ground by the oil pan.

    If you put a jackstand under the subframe on each side of the car it will work. This is what I do (and i'm sure many others) when i'm changing the oil, etc.
  5. I'm storing my car for the winter.

    I was just thinking that it would flex the car all to hell, by lifting the car by the subframe and putting 1 stand under, and then going to the other side.
  6. your gonna store your car on Jacks Stands?? Why?
  7. If you really want to put the jackstands elsewhere, jack it up from the subframes and then put a jackstand under the K member on both sides just inwards of the control arms. Use common sense, if it doesn't looks strong enough to hold the weight of the car it probably isn't.

    You want to put it on jack stands and remove the wheels for winter? Not a bad decision.
  8. Thanks guys, i just jacked it up on the sub frame, one corner at a time. I wasn't sure whether it was healthy for the frame of the car to do that, but i guess its fine.

    It was a tight fit, but it's better than leaving it in the snow!

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  9. Geesh we just put a floor jack under the middle of the K member in front and then under the pumpkin in back....
  10. I raise mine in the front uner the K-member do I can do both front jackstands at the same time - under the lower A-arm. I then raise the rear by the pumpkin and place the jack stands at the outer ends of the axles. This supports the car just like it was standing on the ground. I do it for servicing during the winter and I'd do it if I wasn't servicing it to keep the tires from taking a temporary set (flat spot).
  11. same here... :shrug:
  12. yeha i do it by the rails on either side in the front and put the stands under there....and the back i jack it just inside the torque box next to the muffler, there is a little rail tehre too..but i will start doing it by the rear end next time.
  13. TMOSS, thats what i was looking for!

    I saw a pic of someone jacking their car up by the front, in the middle.. for some reason i thought they had it under the oil pan, but it must have been the K-member.

    About the location of jack stands, im storing the car for about 6 months, and i have all jack stands under the sub frame with the suspension unloaded. Is this OK or should i set it up like TMOSS with the suspension set as it would be sitting on the ground?
  14. See, with my jack if I put it all the way under the k member I can't move the jack handle. The lowering springs and front valance get in the way. So I have to do it on the subframe.
  15. Subframe or under suspension pieces - don't think it makes a difference.
  16. ok cool, thanks
  17. Guy at my work decided to jack a customer car up by the oil pan....needless to say he doesnt work there anymore..
  18. I think the correct way would be leave the suspension unloaded. You dont want to leave springs compressed in one spot. You store them unloaded to maintain life when not in use.
  19. I would suggest cleaning your car before you store it :nice:

    I put the jack under the front k-member, and then the two jack stands on the k-member, and then two more jackstands on the end of the axles, and use the jack on the pumpkin to lift it up, basically juse like TMOSS :flag:
  20. jerry beach- i would say you would want to leave the suspension fully loaded.. not overloaded but fully loaded. If it's unloaded then your struts are fully decompressed and could rust or corrode very easily