How to remove old input shaft bearing?

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  1. Okay, simple question: Short of taking it to a machine shop or transmission shop and paying them to do it, how can I get the old input shaft bearing off the input shaft? Is there a tool I can score from Harbor Freight or someplace to do the job, or what? (I wandered around there, but didn't seen anything that fit the bill.)

    FWIW, this isn't for my 'Stang, actually, but it's still for a T-5 transmission. (It's in my S-15 pickup, it uses a very similar Borg-Warner T-5 tranny.) I just need to know a way I can get the old bearing off there without buggering up the input shaft. Putting on the new bearing is no biggie, as I have a ghetto-rigged but effective means of doing that. (It involves a pipe, a block of wood, and a BFH. :D )
  2. You'll need a press to do it
  3. There's absolutely no other way? No bearing separator tool of some kind? :shrug:
  4. Well if you have a 3-jaw puller big enough that might work too
  5. Hmmmm ... well, I don't have one on hand, but I'll take a look at Harbor Freight tomorrow and see if they have anything that might be big enough for the job. Good idea. :nice:

    I thought I remember seeing a picture online of this thing called a bearing separator, but I dunno where. Looked like a couple of long threaded rods with a clamp-like device on one end in two halves that is supposed to slip under a bearing and pull it off as you tighten one side and then the other. (Hard to describe without a picture.) Big I've never seen anything like that locally. Didn't know if something like that might work for this or if I'm just hoping for an easy way out without having to pay someone else to do it...

    EDIT: This thing...


    ...but I've only seen it on a site in the UK. Nothing like it locally. Dunno if it'd even work for the job, anyway. :shrug:
  6. Have you asked a machine shop how much they would charge you do pull the bearing off?? Might be $10 or so. I wouldn't think they are gonna ask you more than that.

    If they do, ask around and maybe a member here will press it off for you if you send them your shaft
  7. 'Kay, I guess I'll call a couple of shops on Monday. Thanks. :nice:
  8. get the press bearing seperator, clamp it under the bearing and wack on the tool with a'll knock the bearing off.

    to get a new bearing back on cut the outer race off the old bearing and put the inner race over the top of the new bearing which you slide onto the input shaft. hammer on the old race and tap the new bearing down.
  9. If you are just going to use it once I'd just pay someone to do it. If it's something you think you are going to use this site has the cheapest tools. I've probably placed two dozen orders with them over the past few years.

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  10. Well, after a lot of searching I finally stumbled upon a brand new input shaft on eBay for $33 shipped. For that cheap, I figure it isn't worth messing with trying to get the bearing off the old shaft and all that hassle. Besides, I have a feeling the old input shaft might be slightly bent, anyhow. (Prior owner had just installed a new clutch kit, and I bet he didn't support the transmission's weight during removal and/or installation.) I was expecting it to be about $150 for a new shaft, which is what I paid for the input shaft on my notch when I replaced it for the same reason ... except I bought a slightly beefier-than-stock piece from Hanlon Motorsports. Sooooo, all I've gotta do is just poke the new bearing onto the new shaft, yank the old crap out, transfer the needle bearings into the end of the new shaft, and verrrrrrry carefully poke it in the new assembly.

    Many thanks for the replies, though. I still may need one of those bearing separators on another project. :nice: