How to Remove Pilot Bearing? Please ASAP!

Discussion in 'SN95 4.6L Mustang Tech' started by Drew1287, Feb 14, 2004.

  1. I am trying to install my spec stage 2. I just finished putting the headers on and now I am ready to start reassembling. I cannot get the old pilot bearing out. How did you guys do it?
  2. Nobody has any ideas even?
  3. You need a special tool to do it. It's a slide hammer with two fingers on the end that go behind the bearing. I don't know if you can rent one somewhere but that's what is used.
  4. This is how I got the one out on my friend’s cj 5. Cram the hole with thick grease (wheel bearing grease should do the trick.) Then use a punch that is as close as possible to the id of the pilot bearing (I ended up just turning one down on a lathe so it had just a few thousands clearance.) Give it a whack or two with a hammer. The idea behind this is it forces the grease in the hole, which has nowhere to go so it presses the pilot bearing out with hydraulic pressure. This is a trick that my dad taught me, and it actually worked quite well for me.
  5. Yellow2kgt has it right on the money...Thats how I have always done mine...The trick is finding a punch a metal rod that is close enough in diameter to create a hyrdaulic situation....In the old days when I had access to a lathe I just turned on up...It works really well for an old school method...
  6. When I changed mine out a couple of years ago, NOTHING would get it out. I tried two slide hammers AND the grease method. I finally had to take a dremel and cut a notch in the outer lip of the pilot bearing. I took a screwdriver and hammer and tapped the notch till it started coming out, then yanked it on out with the slide hammer.
  7. Autozone has the tool and the slide hammer in their loner tool program.