How to remove rear springs?

Discussion in 'Fox 5.0 Mustang Tech' started by shallto, Apr 26, 2004.

  1. I just did the front springs. What a pain. Can someone give me a rundown on rear spring removal. Also, have any of you ever cut a coil off of a rear spring to lower it. I put some drag spings up front , and want to level it out a little.
  2. For rear springs. Two jacks would help, but 1 will work. Make sure you have some jackstands.

    Jack up rear and take off tires. Put jackstands under the axle. Unbolt both shocks and the quad shocks. Put jack under 1 side and lower it down spring should pop out with no tension at all. Replace spring and jack it back up. do same for other side

    Block the front wheels and raise the rear end. Leave the floorjack under the diff, and place the rear end on jackstands just ahead of where the lower control arms connect.

    Remove the rear wheels.

    Undo and remove the swaybar (15mm Deep)

    Undo the lower shock mount, fasteners vary but it may be a Torx and it may be a 15mm 18mm combo.

    Remove the quad shocks.

    Lower the jack so the axle drops as far as you can without pulling the rear brake flex line.

    Now put a second jack under one end of the axle and raise that end as high as you can.

    You can now probably just pluck the low-side's spring out. If not, have a helper stand on the low end of the axle to help it the last little bit and pull the spring out, it’s not under any compression at this point.

    Swap isolators to the new spring, orient it so the flat side is up and the bottom pigtail points to the drivers side (for BOTH springs).

    Lower the high-side jack, make sure the new spring is seated properly, and repeat the process for the other side.

    When you’re done, raise the diff back up, reconnect the quad shocks and shocks. Re-attach the swaybar, reinstall the wheels, lower the car and you're done in way under an hour.
  4. Wow, its that easy! I removed my lower control arm bolts from the axle housing and lowered them down with another jack. I used the second jack on the dogbone to twist the rear end. I am glad I replaced those bolts though, they were about to rust in two. I took my shocks loose, but left the quads connected.
  5. It's just that easy.