How To Remove The Iac

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  1. 95gt 5.0

    How do you get the lower screw out View attachment 113497

    I got the top 1 with a 5/16th socket but can't get the socket in the lower 1 even with a swivel!!!

    Am I a idiot or is there a trick to it? Everything I've read says to use a 8mm or 5/16th socket.

    I have a 8mm socket but it's deep well & won't fit as there isn't very much room between the screw and a black looking pipe running on top of the valve covers. Also I noticed when I use my shorter 5/16 it won't go on because there is a curve on the IAC above the screw that seems to intrude the way!!

  2. Try a wrench. It's just two bolts, it shouldn't be a problem. 8mm and 5/16" are essentially the same socket. Just move the breather hose out of the way, it's flexible. By the way, don't bother cleaning it. It only works for a very short period of time. Just replace it.

  3. Thanks for the info. I removed the top 1 with a 5/16 already just can't get the bottom 1 out. What hose are you referring to?
  4. There is a flexible rubber hose that runs between the oil filler neck and the main air intake tube. That is the one I am talking about.

  5. Thanks Kurt

    I thought mine was stiff but I'll check again tomorror
  6. Whew....Just got done cleaning it & putting back on ball_kick.gif

    Had to take the throttle body off but wasn't that difficult to do & mine was DIRTY!!

    Thanks to everyone View attachment 113483
  7. If it last longer than 4 hours contact a doctor.