Fuel How To Replace Fuel Filler Tube Gasket *pics*

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    my gromit split in two lol i fished for an hour to retrieve it from the tank thanks for the pics it made life easier:)
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    I am getting ready to do this to my 2000 GT Conv. The only thing I need to know is where do I find the part other than Ford? Just curious if there is a cheaper way of getting it other than Ford? Thank you so much for putting this up. I filled up this morning with gas over flowing out the gasket.

    Does anyone know if it is ok to drive the car before fixing it? Just wondering.

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    you can get it from cjponyparts.com,or i think 50resto.com.
    last time i checked,they were cheaper than the dealer,but than you will have to pay for shipping.
    may turn out to be a wash.
    as far as i know,AZ,kragen,napa,ect...dont carry this part.
  7. Napa can order this part in, I think they get it from the ford dealer though, it was only $2 cheaper for me and it took 2 days to get here. I am planning on replacing the gasket this weekend hopefully if I get the time. I didn't get it replaced when I had the fuel pump installed last weekend :(
  8. Ford parts

    Hey, thanks for the info. I looked it up and found it right away on the CJ sight. Then I called the local Ford dealer and found that it was cheaper to get it from them. $19 out the door. Thanks for the information again. Plan on changing mine this weekend.
  9. 2000 GT Conv. Update

    Ok, so I couldn't wait till Saturday to get this done so I decided to tackle it tonight (Thursday). Just wanted to let everyone know how it went.
    1st: this post was great in helping me to complete the job.
    2nd: You will have to at least loosen the tank on a 2000 and/or Conv. I tried to remove it with out loosening and no dice. I was able to remove it only by loosening it a little but to reinstall you'll actually have to drop the tank just a little. I am not sure if it's the year or the fact that it is a convertible but it was slightly different to complete than in this post but all in all it was a pretty easy job. In the future I would figure out a way to drop the tank more easily than I did and make sure the tank is empty as possible.

    Thank you everyone for the help on this post.
  10. I'm in the middle of replacing the neck on our 2000 now. We had a leak that kept getting worse when we filled up. Tracked down where it was coming from. When I removed the corrugated plastic around the neck that is exposed to the weather behind the rear wheel, the neck crumbled. I would guess that the plastic holds the salt and other road gunk and moisture and made the pipe rot through. We had to wait a week to get the neck through our dealer. I'm almost positive I'm going to have to drop the tank. The end of the filler neck is plastic and didn't seem like it would take much forcing even though it's close.

    All the info and pictures are great. We (my wife actually) had to fish our new grommet (ours was cracked also) out of the tank already, so all that care for that is needed.

    Hope to drop the tank tomorrow and proceed. I took the old neck out in 2 pieces and didn't think it would be too bad putting the new one in, but it's a little more involved than you may think.
  11. All done. Took the straps loose on the tank but left it on the floor jack and just lowered the tank down some. Jacked it back up into place when we got the filler neck back in. We jacked the back of the car up and put it on jack stands first, just to give us more room. It all went pretty well.
  12. Didn't work out for me last night. Tried doing it this way, just couldn't get the last bit of the tube out. Worked with it for 2 hours with no luck. Went out and picked up a new jack and stands so I can drop the tank. After about 2 hours of frustration, a pack of smokes and a whole lot of hate and love talk to the car I gave up lol.
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    maybe my cars a mutant! lol.
  14. I think it may be. Or not. Found out there's a small plastic piece on the end of the filler tube.
  15. Ok, I am posting this here because I don't know how to start a new one. Maybe one of you can help me to start a new forum or blog. Not sure where it fits. Anyway, does anyone else have ghosted in pony's/mustang's on the front quarter panels just above the GT badges? I noticed this while waxing mine and was not sure if this was something added by previous owners or factory. I have a 2000 GT Convertible. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  16. Good timing on this thread poping up again. I am getting ready to replace the gasket on my 98 and this will help.

    Thanks guys!
  17. Hey Harv, I'll have to check mine. I started smelling a gas smell after I bought the Stang. I replaced the aftermarket fuel cap with a factory one and that seemed to help a billion. I don't smell it anymore though. I am gonna creep under there after I fill up and see what's going on.
  18. very helpful thanks
  19. I know this is an older post, but it is still a good one. I just replaced the gasket today, and it was a bit of a pain, lol, but it went well. First, I discovered the 2 screws holding the gas door onto the car were T20, and the bumper screws are T15, as stated. I did manage to remove the fill tube from the tank without touching the tank mounting. I noticed the fill tube was damn near able to come out, but just needed a bit of persuasion. I put a thin screwdriver in the opening, and caught the end of the fill tube, and was able to just give it enough pressure for it to come out. :nice: The plastic inner tube was not an issue. I put the new gasket ($27 from dealer) in the tank dry, and then I put just a touch of white lithium on the tube, and it slid in so nicely. Got her all back together, but she is still stuck in the drive in all the snow, so no fill up or no driving yet.