Fuel How To Replace Fuel Filler Tube Gasket *pics*

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  1. 02 v6. Definitely needed to drop the tank. Unfortunately I tried to wiggle and manuever not realizing the damn thing was 8-12" long. Got it out, dropped the tank to get it back in, but did enough damage that fueling now requires a very slow, non-jerky, fuel pump. I believe the anti-siphon sping vavle assembly twisted enough to cause it not to glide smoothly.

    Annoying enough to spring for the $149 replacement pipe :-(
  2. sorry to hear that.

    Sorry if this is not the place to post this. I am sorry to say that my question is not about a stang, mine died a while ago. After many hours of searching this forum was the first i found that may be of some help.

    The whole filler neck needs to be replaced on my car, had the gas tank replaced at xmas and could not afford to do the neck at that time. I am positive that the hole in it must be a good size now, filled it up a few weeks ago and it was leaking pretty good.

    My question is what problems can arise from the hole/break in my filler neck. Just over the past couple of days the car has been sputtering alot and today it was got really bad when u put it in gear. There is also some black stuff coming out the tailpipe which i read can be from the fuel not burning right.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated, I hope to be the proud owner of a stang again soon...once i find employment but until that time i really need to keep this car running.

  4. Ford sold it to me cheap. $20 maybe.

    Be careful of the anti-siphon tube on the end. It's plastic and broke easily. I thought the tube was out and gave a final tug and broke off the tube. So a new filler tube was required. I had to drop the tank just a bit to get it all back together on my 2000GT.
  5. All I have to say is that this thread was a lifesaver! I joined this forum simply to thank the creator of this thread! I was so overjoyed when I came acrossed it! Haha
    We filled the car up right after buying it to find out we had a leak right at the tank and were going wtf? :eek: So I started researching and found this and it was definately the issue. The people that owned it before us put a new tank on and used a gasket maker instead of buying it. 24$ at the ford dealer for it, cheaper than anyone else and we didn't have to wait either. Horray!:nice:
  6. no problem,glad we can help.
  7. I just ordered one in from the Ford Dealership. It was 14.70 tax included for a 98. Im sure this will help out alot. thanks!
  8. LewDog, I'm getting ready to do my 94 stang convertible also. Other posts quoted $20 for grommet, I can't find one and what I would have to order from the Ford dealer is $40. Hate paying double & still have to order & wait. Any help???
  9. I must add to the Kudos for this break down. Followed to the T and it worked just as well. No more smell, no worries Garage will explode.
  10. I have a 2001 V6 mustang coupe and am having the gas leaking problem as described by others. I have read multiple posts regarding this. Some posts say you have to drop the tank and others say it is not necessary. I am gathering that it may make a difference on what model mustang it is as to whether or not the tank has to be dropped???? Can anyone advise if this gasket can be replaced on a 2001 without having to drop the tank? Thanks for your help in advance.
  11. I have the same issue with my 99 GT. Do you know if the procedure is the same? Thanks
  12. I have a 2001 mustang:
    And I just have to say a few things; do not do this thinking you DON'T have to drop the tank! You will have to drop the tank 2-3 inches and shift it to the driver’s side 3-4 inches because of clearance issues to do this procedure correctly!

    I came across this forum while trying to research how to replace the tank gasket. I followed all the instructions and wiggled/waggled my piping out of the hole (with as little room as I had) and "pop" broke 2 out of the 4 pieces that hold the end piece on. You will NOT have enough clearance and the end piece WILL bend (if the end piece is slightly brittle it will break).

    I get dealer discount and still yet the replacement piece costs $194.66 and is a special order piece.
    Granted I am a bit mad at poor advice but more mad at not listening to myself and doing the job correctly.

    Now here is my question, is this plastic end piece really necessary? Or can I get a gas cap that seals? I realize that there are breather tubes on the tank as well. Will this work? Or will gas spill out the breather tubes when taking a hard turn? Is the tank pressurized?
  13. To what poor advise are you refering?
    My original post,where all the work was done on my 94 GT?
    (This is a 94-95 specific forum after all)

    Or the comments from other users contained in this thread,that followed my "poor advise" and had no problems?

    Myself; 95 gt
    "Worked great"

    Acehydro; 95 mustang
    "No problem"

    WildMike79; year unknown
    "Followed to a T,and it worked just as well"

    Or the comments from the users who had to drop,or at least loosen the fuel tank straps to complete the job?

    Adam95GT: 95 gt vert
    "Had to drop the tank"

    Ragtopday; 97 mustang
    "Could not wiggle pipe out of tank"

    Or from the users with who own new edge mustangs?

    Lewdog9296: 2000 vert
    "At least loosen tank on a 2000"

    Physics2010; 02 v6
    "Deff need to drop tank"

    Chromebeast; 2000 gt
    "Had to drop tank".

    I'm sorry that your repair ended up costing a lot more,but if you had read the entire thread,it would have been obvious to you that dropping the tank was a strong possibility.

    As for you're question,I'm sorry,I don't know the effects of not having the plastic end piece.
    But I'm sure other users will chime in with their advise.

    But,I would like to thank you for bringing this issue to my attention.
    I will go back and edit my original post,with a disclaimer that the steps shown are just a rough guide and may not work with their model year mustang,to prevent future users/readers from failing to properly research before attempting repairs.
  14. Ill b following this friday for sure ... 85 miles on 3/4 tank aint gonna cut it lol
  15. Good luck with your repair.

    Remember,if you cannot remove the filler neck,at least loosen the tank straps.
  16. My experience exactly. Loosening the two tank strap bolts about an inch (they are close to an inch and a half long) gave me enough clearance so the filler neck didn't hit the frame rail and could slide out. :nice:
  17. How important is the collar on the filler neck that's down by the rubber donut at the tank (step one in the first post, pic below)?

    I installed a new tank and it doesn't have a hole to secure this collar. I could drill one in the lip but it is very close to the pinch weld seam.

  18. Just did this per instructions. Taking out part of the trunk liner in that area helped alot. Took me less than an hour !!!!

    1997 Convertable --- And did not have to touch the fuel tank. Tank was about 1/2 full. Just jacked it up on the slope of my driveway nose down. Did not drip a bit.
  19. 99 V6

    folks, I have the same problem, can anybody confirm if I have to drop the tank or not on a 99 V6. The way I understand is, jack stands on the back axle to remove the wheel and a second set of stands to hold the tank? or I can just use my jack to hold the tank. Please let me know.

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  20. Use the Jack under the tank.