Fuel How To Replace Fuel Filler Tube Gasket *pics*

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  1. Could there possibly be some kind of "ball" in the filler tube that prevent fuel spillage during a rollover????
  2. I apologize for not replying sooner. I never received an email that you had replied again.

    I did not see anything in there when I was doing the project that this thread is about. Granted I didn't take a flashlight and shine it into the tank to look for anything. I just didn't see anything in the area that light flowed in where I was trying to carefully extract the grommet.

    I guess my suggestion is to (assuming you need to do this in the future or still need to do this) follow the instructions in this thread to take out the filler neck and syphon it that way. You may need something to catch fuel that comes from the tank depending on how full it is (I would say about half full would be the point where I would have an oil pan or something to be safe although it is unlikely that a tank as low as half full would leak anything out of that hole).

    I didn't say that it was the perfect idea but it is better than damaging your tank to try and get the fuel.
  3. There very well could be (I didn't even think of it) but as I said, I didn't see anything. I think that is kind of purpose that flap is supposed to serve along with being there for anti syphoning purposes. It moves rather easily but if I recall correctly it is normally in a shut position. The axis of it is in a spot that would prevent syphon hoses from passing it unless they are small enough and curve there just right...two things that don't typically happen at the same time...I wouldn't think anyway
  4. Sorry for reopening an old post. The wife's 2001 coupe has the same issue as the OP, real strong fuel smell. Driving home last night had someone pull up yelling about there is fuel coming out from under the bumper. Car has popped two codes PO455 & PO457, I replaced the gas cap and no change. Looked under car tonight to see the gasket as seen in the image. Turned the car on to see any leaking and the only leaking was directly out of the exhaust....not on top, inside the pipe? I'm going to replace the fuel filler tube gasket on tuesday when it comes in but if there is indeed fuel coming out of exhaust this concerns me. Anyone have any thought on this? Thanks in advance.
  5. That is defintely a problem.
    I had the same thing. The police actually pulled me over and told me there was gas pouring out from under the bumper. Sure enough it was the rubber grommett pictured. Now if the gas is coming directly out of your tail pipe for sure, then you have a more serious issue and a HUGE fire hazzard.
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  6. I figured it's a fire hazard, but I'm not convinced that it's fuel. If it was an injector issue the car would be running like :poo: and it runs fine just has the gas smell. I'm assuming the gasket in my pic shouldn't be flopping about on one side and that half of it is likely broke off inside the tank?
  7. Im not sure if it is or isnt a this point. Fix the grommet first and go from there. If gas is spilling out of the exhaust you would notice it in your wallet as well. Everywhere you go you would be losing fuel. The gas smell is probably the gas smell coming from the tank. Definately was the case with mine. And yes if the halves have seperated which it may not have yet then the other half is in the gas tank. Your gonna have to fish for it. Not hard to do tho. Hope the grommet solves the problem.
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  8. I've got everything apart but the filler tube won't come out unless I drop the tank, was hoping I wouldn't have to. Problem is the tank is 3/4 full. Tried siphoning it but I think there is some anti-siphoning device built in. Does anyone know if this is indeed the case and attempts to siphon will prove futile? Thanks again!
  9. You don't have to completely drop the tank.

    Try loosening the tank straps and lowering the tank just a little.
    That may gain the clearance you need to remove the filler tube.
  10. How long are these tank bolts? With this being over 3/4 of a tank full I don't want it to drop and snap some stuff off or worse. I've loosened the tank bolts and have a jack hovering under the tank but it isn't budging. Guess I'll just go realllllllly slow. Thanks for the replies so far guys!
  11. Do the bolts have to come all the way out to shift the tank? I'm having difficulty moving the tank to the side to create the clearance needed to remove filler tube. The fuel lines don't need disconnected either, correct?I'm sure I'm over complicating this lol
  12. Cant speak about partially removing the screws because when I did mine I dropped the entire tank. I didnt have 3/4 tank tho. (can be heavy and you wll need help.) Good time to change your fuel pump if you havent as well.
  13. Is the tank sitting on a lip in addition to being supported by the straps? Apparently my friends suck as no one can make time to help me with this, so I'm struggling lowering this almost full tank while at the same time trying to shift it to the side and not rip anything off. My question....if I take the straps completely off is the tank going to come crashing down? It's currently supported on the drivers side with a jack. I was thinking of buying a dolly and sitting the drivers side of the tank on the dolly while lowering the passenger side down with the jack. Think this will work?
  14. Sorry for the late response.
    If I remeebr correctly. The straps come off then the bolts holding the tank up.
    At this point it should be on a jack or stands. At 3/4 full that thing is heavy.. Lower it down some. You have to next unhook the fuel lines and electrical connectors. I would try to siphon out of the hole where the filler neck is removed. At that point it should be ready to come down.
  15. So if I understand this correctly, there are more bolts holding the tank in addition to the bolts holding the straps?
  16. Stepson stopped by the house and helped me drop the tank and we got it all done. Thank you all for your time and assistance...especially Bangerstanger76! Thanks fellas.
  17. For future reference, there's an anti-siphon device in the filler neck so you're out of luck that way. If your fuel pump is working, you can easily jump one of the TEST-port connection wires (where you go to read the codes from the computer) to ground and run the fuel pump. Disconnect fuel line at the filter, run some hose into a gas-can, and jumper the wire. In 10 minutes or less you can empty out the tank.

    If your fuel pump's not working, you can siphon the fuel out of the fuel-filter connection the same way (it'll be a little slower that way but it will still work just fine).

    I also think the OP's write-up is great, but truthfully if you can drain the tank (using one of the tips above you absolutely can) removing the tank is MUCH easier. The fuel-lines give you a ton of room to move so you won't have any need to disconnect them, just the one electrical connection by the bumper, a couple of bolts, and the tank is off.

    What you probably found still holding up the tank after you removed the straps is actually the filler tube itself. The tanks needs to come off side-ways and down, not just straight down.
  18. Awesome write-up man! I just followed your instructions and changed mine on my 96 GT in 1.5 hours. Only had to loosen the tank strap bolts until they were both sticking out about an inch and a half or so. It wasn't too hard at all :nice: