Fuel How To Replace Fuel Filler Tube Gasket *pics*

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  1. Definitely not too hard. Just a lot of tedious things you have to do along with it. Hardest part was probably pulling the filler neck itself out.
  2. Did this repair on my new car this weekend.... it is a98 GT

    Would have been easy if I would have got the right part the first time. I needed the 99 grommet... FML...

    After a few trips to the parts house, some bloody knuckles, and a few beers she is good as new... :)

    I bought her a week ago, and have logged about 600 miles, and am loving her so far :)

  3. Yeah I posted about this issue in my write up...I just hate how it is so far back from the first page so it isn't the easiest to find but it is long. Glad to hear it worked out for you and you should enjoy it!

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  5. Thanks. Remember, it is only for the late 98's
  6. No, I dont remember.

    Perhaps you should post your own "how to" in its appropriate "late 98" section, as mine was never meant to cover that year.

    Only 94-95 specific, where I posted it.
  7. My father printed this off for me back when we did the repair so this is where I posted my reply since I appreciated it and decided to give credit. I guess with searching I didn't realize there was a section devoted to just this
  8. Fantastic write up. Just did the job yesterday on my 03 mach, and it only took an hour or so.
  9. Thank good for this site Mr and my step dad just fixed this on my car!
  10. Here I uploaded the stinker that was the culprit to me leaking gas all over Louisiana lol. A simple 13.00 fix from oreillys. Now I just have to fix the odometer,speedometer,gas,fuel and oil gauges

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