How to Save the V8's

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  1. I just posted on another thread a response about congress stopping the mustang.

    I have been a mustang fan since 1965. i was 12 years old and rode my bike to the ford dealer every saturday to look at them at talk to the mechanics working to get them ready for the new buyers.

    I love the V8's, however i believe for the V8 Mustang to survive Ford has got to make and economical V6 available. The only way Ford can continue to justify the expense of a production line is to be able to sell enough cars in volume to keep it going.

    I am convinced that the slight drop in gas prices is only temporary. Our new government does not want you buying V8 cars and or paying less than $5.00 for gas. Times will change.

    When gas does begin to climb again next year the 4.0 V6 is not going to be what the common person is going to want as a fuel efficient car. The rating on these are only 1 mpg better than my 91 5.0. And I have friends with the V6 to know it does not get any better.

    Based on what i am reading from Ford and on these forums, Ford is not going to have anything available to sell as a fuel efficient Mustang.

    Remember the 94-97 3.8's. Those cars got 23 mpg in town and 31 0n the highway. I know because i owned two of them.

    I only hope the ford brass can get on board, are eles. The future of the mustang will be doomed.
  2. Ford, here's some common sense solutions that can be implemented at a reasonable cost with current technology:

    1) Weight is the enemy. Get the Mustang down to 3,000 lbs.

    2) Smaller displacement, but with forced induction. Eco-boost 4 & 6 cylinders should be in the base Mustangs, with V8 power retained for GT's and special editions.

    3) Aerodynamics, cylinder deactivation, start/stop at idle, steeper overdrives, more transmission ratios, etc. can all add up to better economy.
  3. First of all, if you had read carefully the thread concerning congress. It was an article written by a columnist to the congress, whom was requesting that production of the 2010 Mustang, be discontinued. It was NOT by congress, nor did they have anything to do with it, whatsoever.

    As for what you've supposedly read from Ford, and these forums about Ford not having anything available, as a fuel efficient Mustang is concerned ? Well once again, you obviously haven't read carefully enough.

    FYI, Ford will have 2 fuel efficient Mustangs coming out in 2010. The first, is a 400HP 5.0L DOHC including a 6 speed manual gearbox, or 6 speed automatic, in which both will be more fuel efficient than the current 4.6L.

    The second one, is going to be an Eco-Boost/ 3.5L V-6 Twin Turbo with Direct Injection, which is rated at 300HP, and is also more fuel efficient.

    There will also be an even more, fuel efficient 5.0L 4V coming in 2011, which will include Direct Injection as well.

    Although Ford has not officially confirmed these new engines, at this time. According to very reliable Ford insiders, such as FourCam330 at Igor at these new engines, are indeed coming.

    That being said, your prediction about the future of the Mustang being doomed, is both very outrageous, and completely a total crock of :bs:

    Therefore I strongly recommend, you learn to read more carefully along with doing more extensive research, before posting such premature, and outrageous posts. In which are based upon nothing more, than just baseless speculation ! :nonono:
  4. Hellored05

    It doesn't matter who wrote it. The fact is times are changing. The bail out coming for the auto makers is going to put government right in the board room. The Al Gore types will be running things and they do not like your car i am sorry to say. However, I love your car.

    I hope you can keep buying the Mustang.

    The car is going to have to be smaller and lighter. The present one is to big.

    Hopefully you are correct about the new engines. I think they will be to expensive and complicated to what the base Mustang is all about. But i will have to see to believe auto makers say alot of things. They have to do it. The car is going to have to be offered at a price that the everyday secretary and clerk can afford.

    The parts to make the car i talk about are already on the self. The 3.0 Vucan engine is one of the best Ford has ever made.
    Mate it to a 5 speed auto are a 6 speed manual with a 2.73 rear end and you will have excellant gas milage without alot of expense to Ford. The cost of the car can be kept at and affordable price. The everyday joe can change the oil, plugs and belts. That is what the base Mustang is all about. Advertise it for what it is and sell all they can make. And thus, you will still have your V8.

    Remember what i said, the base V6 economical car keeps the breed alive. That is how mustang has survived.

    My wife is looking at a new V6 convertible now with a horrible gas economy number. I can afford it, but this will not keep the breed alive.
  5. Rest assured, the info which I provided. Is indeed correct, not because of myself. But is due to the Ford insiders I've listed, in which both have been right on the money, every single time.

    And if you still have doubts, I've attached a thread link from another website, which pretty much confirms everything I've posted. Also, if you read over the posts listed on page # 3. It should hopefully become even more clear to you.

    As for hoping that I can buy more Mustangs, I intend on buying my next one in 2014.

    In the meantime, here's the thread link listed below.

    will 2011 have the 5.0 for sure?? how sure? - The Mustang Source Forums
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    check my prior post for i have edited somewhat.

    Stay true.
  7. Did you get a chance to read over, the link I posted for you ?


  8. Just wanted to say, that It was not my intention to find fault with you personally.
    It's just at times, I get a bit more passionate in my posts, than what I should.

  9. Id say ford needs to do what they did with the fox and make a 4cyl pinto like powered mustang. Most people who buy 6cyl mustangs are girls,young adults/kids(cause insurance), and people who want an "image" not performance. Sad but true thats the majority of mustang buyers. Fords new stang is a overwieght buffalo so they would probably need to keep the v6...but as said earlier they could try and cut down on weight and change gear ratios etc to get better mpg.
  10. you do realize that is why the Mustang has lasted as long as it has, right? 2/3rds of all Mustangs are V6's. youare basically suggesting what Ford already knows and has done for decades.

    you couldn't be more wrong about the government wanting $5 gas. for one, gas is taxed by the gallon, not price. therefore more gas sold = more tax revenue. also, as recent events have shown, high energy prices have a large negative effect on the economy which means more of a tax revenue loss for the government.

    your 5.0 is also much lighter and pollutes much more.

    nobody in government will want Ford to stop producing a money maker, plain and simple.

    i'd hardly call the Vulcan engine one of the best Ford has made. yes it is reliable, but it made crap for power. coupled with 2.73's in a heavier car like the Mustang and you'd probably lose mileage because it's going to be more load than the engine can efficiently handle. regardless of gas prices, a 150hp Mustang isn't going to sell well when most 4cyl's put out that power now.

    Ford may put a turbocharged 4cyl in the Mustang that would achieve around 30mpg.
  11. I've jumped up and down screaming this a while.
    and if they'd make a 35 - 40 mpg 4bnger mustang people would buy the crap out of them n even hybrids.
  12. hello dmstang

    Yes they have a big v6 now. However it and the new mustangs are tanks.

    I have had 3 3.0 vulcan v6 cars in Taurus's and they are very durable and much more fuel efficeint motors than the 4.0 that is in the present oversized mustang.

    Yes, the government does want higher gas prices so that they can move us toward alternative sources that are decades away. They will get their taxes.

    Look up the carbon tax legislation that is on the way. Al Gore and his types have got the american people thru the government schools absoulutly were they want them.

    I was watching the history channel the other day and the program was about the long bridge bulit over lake pounchatrain near new orleans. They stated that the lake was formed over 5000 years ago when the polor ice caps melted.

    Wait a minuted mr. gore, who was driving v8 mustangs 5000 years ago.

    Also the hybrid myth. Someone on this boared should look up how much pollution is caused by mining the nickel and then the amount caused by processing it to make batteries for these cars.

    The american folks are going to get what they are asking for by the way we vote.
  13. I totally agree.