how to take good auto pictures

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  1. I saw a permanent post on a car enthusiast forum on how to take good pics of cars but i don't remember where. Does anyone remember seeing such an article
  2. I am not aware of the thread you speak of. With that said, I usually take my pictures at dawn or dusk when the lighting isn't as harsh and won't make the colors seem washed out. Other than that, just experiment.
  3. Is that the article that had old Cobra's in it? I remember seeing a link to a "How too" on taking car pics.
  4. If/when you guys find it, we can see if it is sticky-worthy.
  5. Good work. :nice:
  6. After 4,000+ post I finally made a sticky worthy thread :SNSign: it's a good day to be me :banana: :cheers:
  7. valuable

    and after ten posts total I started my first sticky thread! What a valuable member I will be to the mustang community. I mean what a great duo we make for the community.

    Seriously thanks for the post. Yes that was the article I was referring to. You've helped out with most of my posts here. Not bad work for a couple of displaced florida boys.
  8. there is alot of good tips on there
  9. Very good article. All the pics of my car SUCK. Now I have a few tips that will improve my photos. Thanks
  10. ok now move the link to the 1st post and its golden ;)
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    Pretty informative link though, Wytstang can vouch for me, I like to take pics of my car as much as i can
  12. Yeah she does :D
  13. I think I might have saw something similar at the website or, Im not sure though.
  14. Im kind of new to forums, what is sticky worthy?
  15. A post that is very informative and can be used in the future for others to read and find the info they seek. So they "sticky" it to the top so it doesn't get moved back to page 2,3,4, ect it stays on the first page and on top.
  16. awesome, awesome, awesome resource for learning about automotive photography! myself and a few other sn95forum members are over there.
    this is a shot i took that i really like
  17. That is a great article. Thanks for sharing.