How To Tell If My Head Is A Terminator?

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  1. hi as you can tell ive just put a down payment on a cobra terminator engine. today i gave the guy 350$ and he gave me one head. i was wondering if anyone could tell me or give me any info so i could see if these are 03/04 heads/ engine. all i can say is i know its aluminum and its got 4 valves and 2 cams. i can take pictures if that will help.
  2. pic
    ,casting number on side.
    both cam part numbers
    than you will know
  3. casting number.

    The 03-04 heads are the same as the 99s
    There was an update on them in late 03 or 04 where they went to 8 thread spark plug holes.
  4. If it looks anything like this:


    Then you have a Terminator head.

    Your welcome.

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  5. That would be incorrect.

    The '03's are a differnt casting numbers for starts. Dimensionally with large rectangular exhaust ports, larger volume intake ports with reshaped and raised port roof with a revised short turn radius. The heads were also of an over all higher quality casting than previous DOHC heads, which netted better finish and geneally higher out of the box flow ratings.

    The revision took place in mid-03 to solve cooling issues and were identifyable with a blue paint mark on the drivers side casting.
  6. Oooo really?

    Differences? We are all down to learn. I have a set of 2001 heads and a set of 04 heads next to each other and the flow characteristics look identical. The only thing I can think of is the cooling passages and the spark plug threads
  7. See my edit above. Just because they look the similar from the outside, doesn't mean they're the same head.

    Nearly all 5.0L 302 OHV heads looked alike visually thoughout the 80's as well...but we all know some were better than others.
  8. ...I've never been able to bench-flow heads by merely looking at them. o_O That generally requires some pretty specialized equipment.

    In other words: How the heads look is irrelavant.
  9. Interesting. I would like to see the CFM numbers between the two heads. I put the 03-04 heads on my 2001 but i dont have dino. numbers so no comparison. :(

    At least I know I did the right thing.
  10. Lol I have awesome analizing eyes... not
    I know you can't but Ive never seen the numbers so its all I have. My point was its really hard to SEE the difference like he was asking for tips on