How to tell if my radiator is bad

Discussion in 'Fox 5.0 Mustang Tech' started by Danny-Boi, Jul 14, 2004.

  1. I was wondering how to tell if I need a new/ better radiator. The temp isnt going up but i am experiancing issues when it is hot out. What are signs of needing a better/new radiator?
  2. really nasty fluid, and you can look inside the radiator and see all the fins and whatnot clogged up and gunked up. if the car is heating up when its hot out on the highway its a radiator problem, but if it heats up in stop and go traffic its a tstat, fan clutch problem
  3. Well it doesnt heat up is the jus sorta stumbles when its hot out and ive been driving for a while. Sometimes itll heat up at idle if the a/c is on.
  4. its other problems besides the radiator than. check for codes, ACT sensor?
  5. What/where is the ACT sensor?
  6. its on the lower manifold i believe, its the air charge temperature sensor. i need to get a new one i believe
  7. Alright ill replace that and see if it works. Thanks a bunch for the help and quick replies!
  8. no problem man. but that might not be the solution. it might be more complicated, but its worth a shot
  9. i think the ACT is in the intake tube area.