How to unlock a Predator?

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  1. Well i bought a used Diablosport Predator and i am thinking about going to SCT what do i need to do so i can resell it to a friend of mine?
  2. Reinstall your stock tune and this will reset the Diablosport Predator back to the factory defaults. The tuner can only be used on one car at a time.
  3. sorry for the jack, but is there a big difference between the diablo and the SCT? I always thought whoever your local tuner is better with, that;s wat you should use as well.........................
  4. exactly, my local guy only uses SCT and so does everyone else?

    So back to the original question, If i "restore the stock tune" Someone else can use the tuner???
  5. Absolutely.
  6. I dunno.................does the tuner have your VIN# in it? I've read sumwhere that you have to send it back to Diablosport for them to clear it - @ a cost of course. Tuners in my area use the Diablo
  7. Reinstall the factory tune to your vehicle, then the Predator needs to have the tune updated to your buddy's Calibration ID # and a tune installed for his specific needs/mods.

    A truly locked Predator can only be unlocked by Diablosport if the factory tune was not reinstalled to the vehicle it is married to.
  8. so if the previous owner put the factory tune back into his vehicle, the tuner is free and clear and can go to a different stang with no strings? It doesn't need to be sent back to diablosport?
  9. If your car just happens to have the same Cal ID # as the previous car then yes. For example, in '05 there were 12 different Cal ID #'s. Your best bet would be to take it to a Diablosport dealer and have them set it up for the next car and supporting modifications.
  10. Is there a site that list the Cal ID #'s for the S197's?.
  11. I bought a used Diablo from a local seller so I have a little experience. The seller sold the tuner locked. He set it to factory HP option, which doesn't unlike it. I contacted Diablo and was told he needed to set it to Original Backup. Well, he set it to original backup and now my predator works. So if you set it to Original Backup, the tuner will be unlocked.
    As far as SCT vs Diablo they both do about the same thing. One of the best tuners here in So. Cal prefers Diablo. Advantage of SCT is more Email tuners support them.