How to wetsand? Help clear coat peeling in a small spot!

Discussion in '1994 - 1995 Specific Tech' started by 91LX_5L, Dec 19, 2005.

  1. Take it easy guys. Its a simple question, answer it then move on.
  2. I apologize. It wasn't my day yesterday. No hard feelings from this end. And don't bring the greatest state ever into the argument :D Its just that I freak when I here things like this. Not how I would do/suggest things. Thats all.
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  4. Im laughing on the inside.....really....

    ok im not, but i bet you knew that.
  5. Pics Added!

    Well here are some pics.


    You can see the outline of the wetsanding there at the top of the closeup pic and some slight runs near the mid/bottom area of the area. I think ill try another light wet-sanding again. Or do you think I should just leave it before I mess it up lol? Note I only used scratch remover and my porter cable 7224 to polish it up after wetsanding.

    I think it turned out well, if you didnt know you would never notice it as you can see from the pic about 2 feet back. :Word:
  6. What kind of paint did you use? Do you know if it was lacquer based paint?
  7. actually it was acrylic? (sp?) it was just clear coat.
  8. Thats pretty damn spiffy... :nice:

    I have a similar clear coat peeling problem on the top of passenger side fender, where it meets the hood. Three separate spots down the fender actually :bang:. Looking to avoid spending $$$ to get it fixed b/c I'm a poor college student, and figure I'd get some quality time w/ the car by doing it myself. Don't want showcar quality stuff, just enough so that it doesn't detract from the overall look of the car.

    Can you go over real quick how you got that result? Heres what I gathered:
    -Wet sand w/ 1500grit in circular motion, trying to get it so that the clear coat thats there stops pealing
    -Apply some clear-coat-in-a-can to the area (what kind/brand did you use?). Did you tape it off precisely or leave some room for it to overlap w/ clearcoat thats still there?
    -Wet sand again, and then buff?

    Any other tips or advice from your experience? I don't have access to buffing tools, how did it look after the last round of wet sanding?

    May have found myself a project for the weekend! :D Always fun to make the 'stang look more perty!
  9. Like it or not Reject 5.0 is probably correct. The "spot" repair is probably NOT the way to go. Chances are good that at the very least, the entire panel will peel since there wasn't proper adhesion for some reason. He's also correct about the better procedure for doing wet sanding. As for using spray cans, I think that "sometimes" you can actually do a fine job with them but, they are far inferior to using a proper spray gun.