how to wire a sub for 1ohm?

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  1. i am ordering a kicker L7 but I don't know which one to get a 4 or 2 ohm dvc.
    I ordered a jbl 1200.1 mono amp I would like to get a second L7 in a couple of months but will 2 10" L7 in a box fix a 89 convertible?
  2. I want to get the 600W @ 1ohm from the jbl to accomplish this should I go with a Dual Voice Coil with a resistance of 4 or 2 ohm and how should thesystem be applied as a series or parallel to achieve the 1 ohm?

  3. You'd be better off running it at 2 Ohms rather than 1. The 600W is at 4 Ohms. To answer your original question, you'd get the dual 2 Ohm version, and wire up the VC's in parallel.
  4. If I were you, I'd get the dual 2Ohm version. Wire up the VC's in series to get 600W to the sub. If you get another sub, wire it up the same and wire it in parallel with the first sub to get a 2Ohm load on the amp. It will still give you 600W per sub.
  5. If you play on geting 2 subs you want to get the 2 Dual 4ohm L7s
    If you only are going to run 1 sub then get 1 dual 2 ohm L7

  6. Either way, he should be fine with the dual 2 Ohm version. The JBL doesn't make any more power at 1 Ohm than it does at 2 Ohms, so you wouldn't gain anything by running it that way. 600W per sub would be fine for the L7's.
  7. BBrinks thanks for correcting me 600w @ 4ohms and 1200*1 @ 2ohms.
    I like to listen to mostly rock all kinds of rock it's all good but it's 75% rock and 20% rap and 5% eveything else.
    Should I go with a 10" L7 or a 12"L7 for my listening habits there will only be one sub. Not two because I do not think that two of either will fit in my 89 gt convertible can anyone tell me otherwise I would like to see some pics.
  8. yea your right bbrinks, those JBL amps do put out the same at 2 ohms as they do at 1. I just find the 2 dual 4's has more amp options

  9. The 12 will go lower, but will need a bigger box. I haven't had too much experience with the L7's. If you want, talk to a guy named Polecat on He's a kicker rep and will be able to answer any questions you have.
  10. Darren: Gotcha. :nice: I just recommended the dual 2 ohms because you can get a 2 ohm load on the amp if you use 2 of them. The amp's great at 2 ohms, but I've heard that it isn't as stable at 1 ohm.
  11. Realy, i alweas though it was just as good, mabe its the newer ones, we alweas ran them at 1 ohm np