How to Wire IPOD into MACH 1000???

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  1. alright SN, i got an ipod for my b-day, and i want to be able to play it thru the stangs sound system. Is there a kit out there that allows this for factory head units? or how did anyone here do it thru the MACH 1000. my bro works at best buy so please if u can buy it from there (whatever i need) lemme know b/c he can get me a good deal. thanks! :flag:
  2. Well, there are actually many slightly different types of radios for various model years. For 2002 I think (but I am not positive) that the USA SPEC DF-FORD20 Adapter wil work. It costs about $75 at

    Whatever you do, do not use an FM modulator. They SUCK :notnice:
  3. FM modulator = FTL!!! I had one and I was always fighting with it trying to find a decent radio station.
  4. My 2 cents on an FM modulator ... First off, I don't use one in my car but I do have one that I got with my Ipod .. The "I Trip" ... The thing is pretty crappy BUT after I did a simple mod to it, it works excellent. Just take the antenna (piece of copper wire) out and aim it up .. coming out the side of the transmitter and I was amazed at how far away it works. I use it whenever I work in the garage and transmit to this old ass stero from like 20-30 feet!!

    I don't know what to tell you to derive from that post but I thought I'd throw it out there in case anyone has an I trip thats been in some drawer for a while. Mod that thing!!
  5. I use the Monster cable and it works well. I had a Griffen itrip and it's complete crap. Could never find a station that would work, and when the car was in motion, the signal was constantly changing.
  6. whats the monster cable? another FM transmitter? i have two friends with them wired in thru their head units but theyre aftermarket.. can we not do this with the factory ford unit? if so, what aftermarket, 6 cd changer could i buy? i would assume that would be pretty expensive. :eek:
  7. I was able to HARDWIRE a ipod into the mach 460 using an AUX BOX made by PAC. I had to buy an adapter that plugged directly into a port on the Mach 460 head was bascially a slave 6 disc changer port..the aux box plugged into that, which had RCAs coming off of it. I then used a Monster RCA to 1/8 inch stereo plug, that connected to the ipod (actually it connected to the belkin charger, that plugged into the dock connector of the ipod).

    You press "CD" twice, and it comes up to a 2nd changer mode...and it basically is quiet..until you hit play on your ipod. Crystal clear sound..I loved it.

    I still have the gear for my mach 460..may work for the mach 1000.. I might be able to sell to you at a great price...or steer you the right way in getting yours to work.

    FM Modulators never sound as crisp as a direct hardwired connection.

  8. You can not use the factory radio and Ipod combo without adding a PIE or a $130 Ford Part:
  9. How much was the AUX box that you bought, along with the adapter?
    Im trying to do a similar setup but with another mp3 player. I would be interested in buying that box and adapter off of you for the right price. Let me know.

  10. Don't turn this into a Buy/Sell ad, or I'll lock it.
  11. PIE adapter here. I use it for both my IPOD and Sat radio. Plugs into the rear CD changer port and you just hit CD twice to bring up the AUX input.

    It creates RCA inputs and then you just buy whatever lenght 3.5mm jack to RCA cable you need and route it where you want. I have my split into two RCA inputs. One goes to my sat radio and the other goes to the center console where i pull it out and put my Ipod in my rubber cup holder.
  12. Got a part number or link for that PIE adapter by chance?
  13. man i am so confused.. if somebody wouldnt mind, could you just link all the parts i need to buy to get it to work and almost spell it out for me. all this pie talk is driving me insane, and the site lists like 20 diff apps and none say they work with the 1000. im def not an audio/electronics guy at ALL , thanks
  14. This one should work

    They say it doesn't work with the mach 460 but i know a few guys including myself that have used them.

    The mach 1000 i am not sure of though. If you can take the radio out and snap a picture of the rear sticker and plugs i could tell you if it would work. It should.

    Here's a picture of the rear of my Mach 460. The plug with the 3-wires is where the adapter goes. You simply remove that plug, plug the PIE in and then plug that OEM plug into the PIE adapter. Then you hook a power wire and ground and you are good to go. You can see on the radio sticker, the radio number is 815, which it does list as a radio that works. I think the Mach 1000 is 868 but not sure would have to look.

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    I do not have the IPod control though. I have the ragular adapter since i was using it for my sat radio setup first and then added the ipod onto it.

    Just for the hell of it, my sirius setup which is hardwired. Notice how the head unit says DJ on it.
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  15. Man, I had a link from a different company that was an "all in one" unit, but I can't find it now.

    The price was about the same as that PIE one, but you didn't have to buy the rca-3.5mm adaptor.

  16. I just got one at radio shack for $10. Wasn't that huge of a deal. :shrug:
  17. Ya, but just the fact that the other unit was a single piece was more enticing.

    Not a big deal though.
  18. Well, I found the link. It seems they sell the "Peripheral" brand now (maybe the "rebranded" it before with their name).

    Here's their model for an 01:Linky
  19. alright.. san-man.. the one you showed was $150, but does that work for a mustang? theres no listings of app's on that page.

    also, this one looks the same but is $130. the one for an 02 with a 1000 is part # PA11-FORD1 which is the one on the right.

    are there any major diff's between the two systems there other than the $20 difference? and will the first one (which looks well designed) work with my car?